Platform Features

Recruiting Landing Pages

Develop landing pages for specific locations, job categories, and marketing campaigns. With Jibe’s recruiting landing pages, you can populate relevant content to provide a contextualized experience for candidates. This feature optimizes your career site for SEO, making it easier for candidates to find you. SEO-friendly landing pages are key to converting career site visitors into candidates.


Search Engine-Optimization

Landing pages are built with SEO best practices, raising your rankings in major search engines

Dynamic Content

Landing pages pull in relevant jobs from the Jibe API, displaying the most up-to-date, personalized jobs for your candidates

Greater Flexibility

Spin up a new landing page for a specific campaign in seconds

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

73% of job searches start on Google. Jibe’s landing pages are optimized for search engines using SEO best practices, so candidates find your career site and even job descriptions easier. Rather than being navigated to a job board, they come directly to your site, increasing traffic and decreasing job board spend.


Search Engine-Optimization

Landing pages are built with SEO best practices, raising your rankings in major search engines

Decreased Job Board Spend

Increase your traffic from internet searches, without paying-per-click on job boards

Targeted Traffic

Candidates who arrive on your site from search engines are better informed

Automated Job Distribution

Job boards are a critical element of any recruiting strategy. Jibe’s automated job distribution enables you to quickly and easily streamline job requisitions to any job board. This feature also provides back-end analytics to track source performance, so you can understand which channels are working and adjust your strategy accordingly.


Increased Control and Reach

Facilitate standardized postings across geographies and channels

Improved Efficiency

Streamline the distribution of your jobs to multiple job boards

Manage Your Employer Brand

Ensure consistency and adherence to corporate employer brand standards

On-Site Job Search

Once on your career site, candidates expect a consumer-level search on par with and Google’s ability to connect users with the right information immediately. With features such as faceted filters and type-ahead suggestions, Jibe’s on-site job search provides a simple way for candidates to find the perfect job.


Type-Ahead Search Suggestions

Type-ahead functionality provides suggestions, saving candidates time and improving ease-of-use

Faceted Filters

Candidates can continue to filter results based on various facets until they find a list of jobs matching their criteria

Multiple Language Options

Support for multiple languages and regions allows job seekers to find jobs in their native language

Job Alerts

Jibe’s job alerts are a one-step tool for candidates to receive notifications when the right job opens up. Branded emails are automatically generated when new opportunities are posted that match specific search criteria. Job alerts not only drive a better return on your recruitment marketing investments, they are also vital to helping passive candidates stay engaged and apply when the time is right.


Greater Value

Generate job applications for months after your recruitment marketing campaigns run

Targeted Emails

Emails from job alerts are based on specific search criteria, avoiding “spam” and tailored to each candidate’s search preferences

Reduced Costs

Save money budgeted for advertising and marketing by organically building a robust, engaged pipeline

Talent Network

Some candidates visit your career site but are not ready to apply or there are no relevant opportunities currently available. With Jibe, passive job seekers can indicate interest in the moment by signing up for your integrated talent network. Recruiters can then reach out to these candidates when the right opportunity becomes available, or nurture them with drip recruitment marketing email campaigns.


Seize Their Moment

Capture candidate information while they are on your site so you can continue to nurture them over time

Source Faster

Quickly source talent from a robust pipeline of candidates who have already indicated interest in your organization

Reduced Costs

Save money budgeted for advertising and marketing by organically building a robust, engaged pipeline

Email Marketing Campaigns

In the new candidate journey, job seekers need to be nurtured with content about your organization, culture, and available opportunities. Using Jibe, you can run email marketing campaigns to targeted groups defined within your talent network. These additional touch points increase the likelihood of the job seeker converting into a candidate. Performance can also be monitored over time to drive improvements.


Higher Conversion Rates

Use nurture email campaigns to increase application completions

Branded Emails

Your employer brand extends to marketing emails, providing the best user experience


Optimize email campaign performance by monitoring key recruiting analytics

Responsive Apply

Mobile recruiting is a must-have in today’s connected world. Jibe is built with a sleek, responsive design, so users have an experience optimized for any device – mobile or desktop. Throughout the apply process, your career site and apply flows seamlessly adapt to any screen, bringing the consumer-quality candidate experience needed to convert candidates in their moment. Jibe also supports multiple resume upload options, ideal for applicants-on-the-go.


Mobile-Optimized Throughout

Candidates enjoy a consumer-level experience, optimized for every device

Mobile-Friendly Pages

Each page is built with responsive design, so it adapts to any screen

Resume Upload Options

Multiple mobile-friendly resume upload options give job seekers flexibility to apply on the spot

Employer Branding

You’ve already invested in a career site that communicates your employer brand. Instead of sending candidates to use the outdated, unfriendly ATS interface, Jibe layers on top of the ATS to provide a consumer-level experience to your candidates. With Jibe, your employer brand – not the ATS brand – extends throughout the entire search and apply flow processes. Jibe’s consumer-quality candidate experience on all devices (mobile, desktop, etc.) puts your employer brand in the best position to shine.


From Search to Submit

Your branding, not the ATS, stays with the applicant from the moment they start searching to when they hit “submit”

Convert More Candidates

Capture candidates when and where they want to apply

Superior User Experience

A consumer-level experience every time a candidate interacts with your brand


Referrals are often seen as a leading indicator in the quality of hire metric. Using Jibe, candidates (not employees) generate an email to their contact at your organization from within the apply flow. Your employees can then refer contacts with a simple click in the email, saving them time and giving you more quality candidates.


Improved Quality of Hire

Increase your candidate pool with more applicants likely to be quality hires

Saved Time

Candidate-generated referrals take burden off employees and recruiters

Ease of Use

Candidates send an email to contacts from within the job description or apply flow

Recruiting Analytics

Jibe pulls data from your career site and ATS to provide a full picture of your recruiting analytics. Data is aggregated for recruiters and visualized in real-time, easy-to-understand, and configurable dashboards. Time spent pulling and manipulating reports from other systems is now time recruiters can spend actually recruiting.

Recruiting analytics enable a data-driven recruiting culture. The analytics dashboards give visibility into source tracking, application funnel statistics, and the hiring funnel. This allows TA professionals in various roles to continuously monitor KPIs and improve candidate experience.


Source Tracking

Understand where your visitors, applicants, and hires are coming from in order to optimize your job board spend

Application Funnel

Optimize your apply flow by monitoring where and when applicants drop off, their time to complete, and more

Hiring Funnel

Track applicants throughout the entire hiring funnel to understand how to improve your processes and optimize the talent acquisition function