Jibe 2013 Talent Acquisition Survey Reveals the Biggest Challenges Faced by Recruiters

Recruiters are Struggling to Deliver Quality Hires With the Current Tools in Their Arsenals


NEW YORK — September 16, 2013 — Jibe, Inc., a leading provider of recruiting technology solutions, today released the inaugural Jibe Talent Acquisition Survey. The survey of more than 100 in-house recruiting professionals details some of the many obstacles recruiters face in the rapidly-evolving talent acquisition market, including the desire for better, more integrated technology solutions, and the lack of useable data and analytics.

As the survey shows, many recruiters are investing in technology solutions that lead to frustration and can actually hinder their success, rather then help them more effectively source and hire top talent. Survey respondents reported that their recruiting tools are difficult to use, don’t provide them with the data they need, and lack integration across systems. Additionally, the survey identified ‘quality of hire’ as the recruiter’s most important measure of success, yet also revealed that nearly three-fourths of those surveyed are unable to measure quality as part of their ROI analysis of recruiting spend.

Other key findings of Jibe’s 2013 Talent Acquisition Survey include:

  • More than a third of recruiters surveyed (35%) said they spend more of their recruiting budget on technology than anything else. However, 46% of respondents reported that they were deeply dissatisfied with their current technology. And 27% actually said their current technology gets in the way of their ability to do their job.
  • Three-fourths of recruiters revealed that, due to lack of integration they are unable to get data from their systems to provide a complete “talent lifecycle” snapshot. At the same time, 53% of those surveyed said the best indicator of a ‘quality hire’ is impact on company performance, something that’s near impossible to measure without complete lifecycle data.
  • 47% of recruiters indicated that integration of their recruiting and HR systems would be the most valuable technology upgrade, far and away the most desired upgrade amongst respondents.
  • Fewer than one in three (32%) recruiters find it easy to extract data or metrics from their current recruiting tools, which is probably why respondents reported that they spend, on average, 22 hours a month manually sorting through or manipulating data.
  • 80% of recruiters describe candidate experience as very important to their hiring practices, yet 44% report they are struggling to improve in that area. More than anything else, optimizing candidate experience was identified as the top recruiting trend heading into 2014.

“The recruiting market is in the midst of a massively significant sea change. With increasing strategic importance placed on talent acquisition and HR groups, a raft of new and old technologies to manage, the rise of big data and recruiting analytics, and the ever-elusive chase for the optimal candidate experience, today’s recruiting landscape is as challenging as ever,” said Alison Shurell, Chief Marketing Officer for Jibe. “As such, it’s extremely important for us, in order to maintain and grow our leadership position serving this market, to understand how staffing professionals are dealing with these changes, what their greatest challenges are, and what solutions they need to overcome them.”

Jibe conducted the 2013 Talent Acquisition Survey in coordination with leading global insights firm, Kelton Research, over a two-week period in August 2013. Jibe intends to make this an annual survey designed to take the temperature of the talent acquisition market on a year-to-year basis.

To download a copy of the Jibe 2013 Talent Acquisition Survey, please visit www.jibe.com/survey2013 or stop by the Jibe booth at the 2013 ERE Recruiting Conference, September 16-18 in Chicago.

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