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What is Easy Apply

Easy Apply with Jibe and LinkedIn eliminates jarring website transfers and abrasive ATS account creation steps by serving full, enterprise applications inside a branded LinkedIn experience.

Easy Apply comes standard with every Apply implementation. For Apply implementations, Jibe automatically enables Easy Apply for any of your desired Premium and Basic LinkedIn postings.


Achieve Maximum Conversion

Coming from a job board, six out of every ten job seekers drop out of the career site application process when forced to create a new ATS account.

Jibe keeps the job seeker inside a LinkedIn experience while leveraging the job seeker’s LinkedIn credentials to securely create and manage the user’s ATS account, bypassing the need for a log-in step. Easy Apply has been proven, on average, to convert 120% more job seekers to applicants.

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Interview Better Applicants

Across Jibe customer mobile traffic, a LinkedIn-sourced applicant is 54% more likely to receive an interview for each application reviewed than through another job board.


102% increase in job seekers with Ivy League education

Relevant Work Experience

115% increase in job seekers with Master’s Degrees

Desired Schools

95% increase in VP and Director-level candidates

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