1.1 Email Support. Jibe accepts email support questions in English through the Jibe Post Operations email: support@jibe.com. Jibe also accepts Client feedback and comments through the email address.

1.2 Support Process. Jibe makes Support Services available to Client according to the following process:

1.2.1 Client will assign one (1) contact per Subscription Services installation to report issues with the Subscription Services. All issues will be funneled through this contact.

1.2.2 The contact should verify an issue is valid before reporting it to Jibe Post Operations. Issues must be reported with a detailed problem description, a method for repeatedly reproducing the problem, and reasonable access to the Client-appointed contact. Any delay in providing the foregoing will extend the response times set forth in this SLA.

1.2.3 Jibe Post Operations will communicate status updates (acknowledgements, Workarounds, and Permanent Fixes) to Client via email.

2. SEVERITY AND RESPONSE TIME: Jibe’s responses to all issues reported to Jibe Post Operations by Client are provided based on issue priority. Response times are measured for the time Client has sent a request to Jibe Post Operations.

2.1 Initial Priority Level: The following table indicates the target resolution time by priority. These are the goals that Jibe’s Post Operations strives to achieve. Although there are various circumstances that can prevent Jibe from obtaining these goals (particularly, issues with Client’s use of the Subscription Services or issues related to a third party service), Jibe will strive to meet these goals whenever possible. These targets are subject to change based on revised Jibe needs and historical performance.

2.2 Upgrade/Downgrade of Priority Level: If conditions change, and the issue no longer has the correct priority level assigned to it based on the priority levels defined in the table below, then the priority level will be upgraded and downgraded to the appropriate level.

Severity/ Priority LevelDefinitionInitial Response Time Goal
P-1 Critical/High
  • Users unable to access the system
  • Feed Processing is down
  • Posting is not working
  • ATS synchronization is not working
  • Outbound Feeds (Job Distribution) are not working
Within one (1) hour via return email
P-2 MediumMinor functionality broken where a known Workaround exists; marginal performance which slightly impedes productivity.Within one (1) Business Day
P-3 LowCosmetic issues, application inconsistencies where normal business functions are unaffectedWithin five (5) Business Days

2.3 Definitions: The following defines categories and terms used above:

2.3.1 “Business Days” mean 9:00AM to 6:00PM Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Friday excluding United States national holidays.

2.3.2 “Business Hour” means any sixty (60) minute period within the aforementioned Business Day.

2.3.3 “Initial Response” means the first response from Jibe to Client regarding a reported issue that addresses a potential solution. Initial Response goals are based on priority levels, as set forth in the table above. Jibe will use commercially reasonable efforts to respond according to the Initial Response goals set forth in the table with respect to each priority level.

2.3.4 “Workaround” means a temporary solution implemented by Jibe that allows Client to move past the issue and continue processing. Client will implement temporary procedures provided by Jibe that enable comparable availability, stability, and/or performance while Jibe works on a Permanent Fix. If a Workaround is not possible, Jibe will move directly to providing a Permanent Fix.

2.3.5 “Permanent Fix” means a permanent solution that resolves the issue for the Client. Jibe will use commercially reasonable efforts to deliver a Permanent Fix that resolves the issue within the stated time frame. When the Permanent Fix is delivered, Client is expected to test the Permanent Fix in its environment as soon as possible. Once Client has tested and acknowledge that the Permanent Fix resolves the issue, the Post Operations case for the issue will be closed. If the Permanent Fix does not resolve the issue, Client should notify Jibe’s Post Operations team immediately. This notification should include detailed test results documenting the fact that the issue has not been resolved. Jibe’s Post Operations team will acknowledge receipt of this issue, investigate, and provide a revised solution (if necessary) to Client in a timely manner.

2.4 Exclusions From Listed SLA Initial Response Time Goals: When an issue is logged with Jibe’s Post Operations team and further information is requested from Client to resolve the issue, such information shall be provided by Client in a timely manner. Failure to provide a timely response, which shall include sufficient detail to identify and replicate the issue, may delay Jibe’s Initial Response. The described Initial Response goals are suspended during the time that Jibe’s Post Operations is waiting for a response from Client. Once a Client response is received by Jibe, the Initial Response goals will resume.

For the avoidance of doubt, Jibe’s ability to provide a satisfactory Workaround may be impacted when the root cause of the issue is a third party service or system issue. Regardless of root cause, Jibe will use commercially reasonable efforts to work with Client to implement a satisfactory Workaround or Permanent Fix in a timely manner.

3. CHANGE REQUESTS. Change requests may be made to further enhance the functionality or “look and feel” of the Subscription Services. For example, change requests may include requests for branding, cosmetic changes, enhancements, or code alterations. All change requests received from Client will be prioritized in terms of their fit with Jibe’s product roadmap, the usability of the change request across a broader spectrum of clients, change costs, resource allocation, etc. All change requests are considered billable engagements, subject to the mutual written agreement of the parties, and Jibe reserves the right to refuse any change requests for any reason.

4. WORK PLAN FOR OPEN CASES. All cases are initially responded to and owned by a Jibe Post Operations team member. Jibe will continue to work on the case until it is resolved to Client’s satisfaction. Jibe Post Operations will communicate updates to Client as they become available.

5. CLOSURE OF CASES. Once a viable solution to a case is determined by Jibe and confirmed or deployed by Client, the case will be closed in accordance to the following guidelines. If Jibe’s Post Operations team is unable to provide a viable Workaround or Permanent Fix during the initial call, then Jibe’s Post Operations team will investigate and resolve the open support case. If a confirmation from Client is not received within five (5) business days from the solution communication, the case will be closed. After this period, if a case needs to be re-opened, a new case will be initiated with reference to the closed case.

6. AVAILABILITY. The Jibe systems and Subscription Services will, subject to the provisions of this SLA, be available 99% of the total hours in any calendar month following the Delivery Date. Notwithstanding the foregoing, it shall not be considered a breach of this Section if the Jibe systems or Subscription Services are unavailable due to (i) failure of Client equipment or technology; (ii) the Client equipment or technology has caused a power or network failure; (iii) failure of Client to notify Jibe pursuant to Section 10; (iv) periods of maintenance or emergency outages; or (v) a force majeure event. Such periods of unavailability must be reported by Client at the time of unavailability to allow Jibe to reasonably fulfill its obligations under this SLA.

7. BROWSERS SUPPORTED FOR AUTHORIZED USERS. Jibe will support use of Internet Explorer 11 and Edge browsers by End Users. When a new version of an Internet Explorer or Edge browser is commercially released, Jibe will continue to support the previous version and, for at least six (6) months thereafter, the next-previous version (i.e., two (2) versions back) provided that Microsoft is still providing support for the previous versions. Jibe will also support the current version and the previous version of Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, supported browsers must represent one percent (1%) or more of the browsers used by End Users across all Jibe clients.

8. MOBILE DEVICES SUPPORTED To the extent that a Subscription Service is provided by Jibe for mobile devices, Jibe will support Android Browser 4.0 as well as the current version and the previous version of Chrome and Safari mobile browsers. When a new version of the Chrome or Safari mobile browser is released, Jibe will continue to support the previous version and, for at least six (6) months thereafter, the next-previous version (i.e., two (2) versions back) provided that Google or Apply (as applicable) is still providing support for the previous version. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, supported mobile browsers must represent two percent (2%) or more of the mobile browsers used by End Users across all Jibe clients. For the avoidance of doubt, while our services may be supported in other browsers, this SLA only covers the aforementioned listed mobile browser types.

9. FOR EXTERNAL USERS. At a minimum, Jibe will at all times support browser versions that comprise at least ninety percent (90%) of the total browser usage in the marketplace. Browser usage percentages will be based on actual measurements of browsers attempting access and accessing Client’s servers in the immediately preceding calendar quarter.

10. CLIENT SYSTEMS UPGRADES. When applicable to the Jibe Subscription Services licensed by Client, incremental updates (i.e., version 1.1 to version 1.2) to Client’s ATS are supported by Jibe provided that Jibe is given three (3) weeks advanced notice and access to a staging environment to ensure quality of services is maintained. Major updates (i.e., version 1.0 to version 2.0) will require six (6) weeks advanced notice and access to a staging environment to ensure compatibility. Client’s failure to provide Jibe with advanced notice as set forth in this Section 10 may result in a billable change request as outlined in Section 3 above. Furthermore, a migration by Client from one (1) ATS to another or the addition of an additional ATS shall also be considered a billable change request under Section 3.

11. JIBE SUBSCRIPTION SERVICES UPGRADES. Jibe reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to make improvements, bug fixes, or modifications, including discontinuing or changing features, to the Subscription Services and to update the related user instructions and/or documentation (if any) to reflect such changes, from time to time. Notwithstanding the foregoing, such changes will be provided to Client when they are made generally available to Jibe’s other clients.

12. MAINTENANCE. Jibe retains the right to have two (2) hours of downtime every month for maintenance. In no event will the scheduling of such maintenance periods occur during high traffic times. All clients will receive three (3) days prior notice before any maintenance is conducted.

13. EXCLUSIONS FROM SUPPORT SERVICES. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Exhibit or the Agreement, support or maintenance services will not include, and Jibe will not be obligated to address, problems or errors due to any of the following: (i) any items, products, software, hardware, or technology of Client or a third party; (ii) modification or misuse of the Subscription Services other than by Jibe; or (iii) problems with Client’s or an End User’s network, desktop, third party software applications, hardware, or network connectivity to the Subscription Services, including electrical or Internet access disruptions.

14. ESCALATION PROCEDURES. If Client believes that it has not received quality or timely assistance in response to an issue that it has communicated to Jibe Post Operations in accordance with the Support Process outlined in this SLA, the Client-appointed contact may request to escalate the issue by contacting the Jibe Sales Representative. The Client’s Sales Representative will work with the Client to develop an action plan in order to: (i) develop a Workaround and/or Permanent Fix to the given issue; and (ii) assess the resources allocated to Client to ensure that the defined response times are being met and the responses resolve the issues.

Schedule 1

Examples of P-­‐1 Critical/ High Priority Job Distribution Issues

Users unable to access the system:

  • Recruiters can’t log in to jibepost.com to post jobs.
  • Users can’t log in to the SFTP server to upload feeds.

Feed processing is down:

  • Feeds uploaded to the SFTP server are not processed within four (4) hours from schedule.
  • Feeds cannot be processed at all (when run by our client services team).

Posting is not working:

  • Posts are failing to go up, in significant quantities (e.g., all CareerBuilder posts, 1,000 Monster posts).
  • Posts or listings are missing important data (e.g., job title is missing, description is missing, apply URL is missing).
  • Apply URLs are not working (e.g., all redirecting to the wrong place, or not redirecting at all).

ATS synchronization is not working:

  • We do not pick up deletions to jobs, and therefore leave closed postings up indefinitely.
  • Jibe erroneously picks up a significant number of jobs as deleted.

Outbound feeds (job distribution) are not working:

  • A feed (e.g., feeds.jibepost.com/feeds/company.xml) is inaccessible.
  • A feed (e.g., feeds.jibepost.com/feeds/company.xml) is erroneously empty

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