Welcome to the Data Driven Recruiter

Welcome to the Data Driven Recruiter

Data Driven Recruiter



We get it. We don’t really like math all that much either.

Most of us aren’t in HR and recruiting because we love to dive deep into data or spend our days swimming in numbers. No, this has always been an industry where people skills mattered most, while hard data and analysis have been a scant component at best. But things are changing, and fast.

In recruiting, we are at the very beginning of an extremely exciting time of transformation. It is a time where the art of recruiting is being merged with the science of data and analytics. The integration of data-driven practices with those tried and true in talent acquisition can yield amazing results. We know because we’ve seen it happen. And that’s why we created the Data Driven Recruiter.

Every day, Jibe clients are using analytics and data to drive more informed decision-making and improved outcomes across all stages of the hiring lifecycle. The Data Driven Recruiter will share their stories to inform, enlighten and accelerate recruitment to the next level.

On this page and across social media we will share real-world stories about how some of the leading talent acquisition professionals on the planet are using data to better achieve their hiring goals.

While the initiative is brought to you by Jibe, the knowledge shared through the Data Driven Recruiter is by no means limited to only those companies using Jibe solutions. The goal is to showcase and share best practices and experiences from the whole of the recruitment landscape, wherever those stories may come from.

Beyond the real-world stories provided by recruiters, some of the industry’s leading voices will regularly share their thoughts, opinions and best practice advice for moving the needle on analytics adoption. We welcome contributions of any kind, and encourage ongoing conversation in the comments and across social media.

Simply put, analytics is the new recruiting reality – and understanding how (and why) they’re so important means understanding how (and why) enterprise employers are already using data and analytics to solve some of their most pressing talent challenges.

That’s what the Data Driven Recruiter is all about.

So if you want to get in on the analytics action, make sure to subscribe to The Data Driven Recruiter now (just put your e-mail into that box on the upper right) and follow us on Twitter for real-time news and views you can use. We promise we’ll make it worth your time. And when it comes to analytics, there’s no better time than right now.

Trust us, this is going to be fun.

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