Three For Thursday: Big Data and Making Better, Smarter Decisions

Three For Thursday: Big Data and Making Better, Smarter Decisions

Michael Altiero

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This special Thursday edition of our weekly Four For Friday dives into the link between big data in HR and decision-making. Many people assume that just having data is enough, but being able to analyze and take actions based on the data is key to a successful HR strategy. These three articles inspect how HR can make smarter and more informed decisions thanks to HR analytics.

How Big Data Is Changing Recruitment Forever (Bernard Marr)

Bernard Marr, Founder and CEO of Advanced Performance Institute, explains that “in an age where everything can be measured, quantified and analyzed, it makes sense to put a bit more planning and strategic thought into the recruitment process.” This is possible thanks to big data and analytics in talent acquisition.

How HR Metrics Help You Make Smarter Decisions (Business 2 Community)

How can recruiters use data to make better hiring decisions? This article provides three key ways: deep dives into social networks, resume mining, and skills tests. Learn more about these methods and also learn how HR analytics can help with employee engagement.

5 Things That HR Analytics is “NOT” (LinkedIn Pulse)

Heena Bhagat explains she had a very difficult time when trying to come up with her own definition for HR analytics. Instead, she found it easier to come up with a definition, or list, of what HR analytics isn’t. In the end, she explains “the focus of HR Analytics should be to help business functions move efficiently and effectively without falling in the trap of trying to do “fancy- but -good for nothing” analysis.”

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