Social Listening in Recruiting…In 140 Characters

Social Listening in Recruiting…In 140 Characters

Michael Altiero

Social media has been a divisive issue for talent acquisition professionals for years now. Ever since the social network craze began, there have been countless articles that call for the use of social recruiting, and just as many saying it is a waste of time.

But there are many aspects to social recruiting, more than most may think. One of those areas is social listening. This was the topic of yesterday’s #RecruitWithData chat with special guest Emilie Mecklenborg, Social Media Manager at Alexander Mann Solutions.

If you were unable to attend, we have put together a quick recap of yesterday’s Twitter chat:

What is social listening?

How can organizations use social listening tools in their recruiting strategies?

How would you use the data from the social listening tools to target the perfect candidate?

What do you see are the next trends in social listening for 2016 and beyond?

Thanks again to everyone who joined us for the chat and a special thank you to Emilie for being our guest. Be on the lookout for information about April’s #RecruitWithData chat guest, topic, and date!

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