#RecruitWithData: Using Social Listening Tools to Find Candidates

#RecruitWithData: Using Social Listening Tools to Find Candidates

Mike Roberts

Social media has become such a large part of our everyday lives, it only makes sense to use it to find candidates. Although this seems like common sense, very few talent acquisition teams are currently taking advantage of social media as a recruiting tool.

This is the topic of our next #RecruitWithData Twitter chat. We’re excited to announce that next week—Tuesday, March 22 from 12-1p.m. EST—we’ll be virtually chatting with Social Media Manager at Alexander Mann Solutions and Community Ambassador at TalentCulture, Emilie Mecklenborg.

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Emilie manages social recruiting for Alexander Mann Solutions. You may have come across her on the web, since she’s an avid contributor and host in several Twitter HR/Career chat communities such as #TChat, #HFChat, #Internpro and #NextChat.

During the chat, we’ll be discussing the concept of social listening, and how you can use it to rapidly improve your social recruiting performance. Specifically, we’ll be digging into the following questions:

  • What is social listening?
  • What are some examples of social listening tools that you use?
  • What are some problems that recruiters face when using social listening to locate candidates?
  • How would you use the data from the social listening tools to target the perfect candidate?
  • What do you see are the next trends in social listening for 2016 and beyond?

Follow along and participate in the chat with hashtag #RecruitWithData on Tuesday, March 22 from 12-1p.m. EST. You can also check out Emilie on Twitter here. See you there!

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