#RecruitWithData: The Impact of Network Analytics on HR & Recruiting

#RecruitWithData: The Impact of Network Analytics on HR & Recruiting

Mike Roberts

We live in an unprecedented time of connectedness. Information travels at unimaginable speeds, and what comprises a person’s ‘network’ continues to evolve every year. The power of networks has revolutionized our lives both in and out of the workplace, and the impact on talent acquisition, workforce planning, and human resources as a whole has been incredible. This is the topic of our next #RecruitWithData chat.

recruit with data chat with michael moon
In this month’s #RecruitWithData Twitter chat, held on April 19, 12-1p.m. EST, we’ll be talking social connectedness and network analytics with Dr. Michael M. Moon, Founder & Principal Consultant at MMM & Associates.

Dr. Moon has been in the HR space for more than fifteen years as a practitioner, analyst, and academic. Prior to founding MMM & Associates, she was Research Director at Aberdeen Group, worked in various HR roles at well-known companies including Thomson Reuters, Raytheon, and John Hancock, and received a PhD in Human Capital Analytics from Bellevue University.

During the chat, we’ll discuss how networks can be applied to talent management and workforce analytics. A few questions we’ll dig into are below:

  • What are social network analytics and how can they be used for HR?
  • How can recruiters and hiring managers use social network analytics for talent acquisition?
  • What are some examples of social network analytics that HR and recruiting can measure?
  • What advice would you give HR leaders who want to incorporate social network analytics into their strategy?

Tune into the #RecruitWithData feed, follow Dr. Moon on Twitter, and participate in the chat on April 19, 12-1p.m. EST.

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