#RecruitWithData: Candidate Experience in 2016 and Beyond

#RecruitWithData: Candidate Experience in 2016 and Beyond

Mike Roberts

Candidate experience is one of our favorite topics here at the Data Driven Recruiter. We like to discuss employer branding, recruitment marketing, social recruiting, and everything else that’s trending right now, but candidate experience will always be at the center of conversation. In many ways it’s the lagging indicator of all of the work sourcers and recruiters do to drive people into and through the hiring funnel.

That said, we’re excited to announce our next #RecruitWithData Twitter chat with special guest, Sarah Brennan. She’s the CEO, Principal Advisor, and Founder of Accelir, a strategic advisory firm focused on the intersection of talent and growth. Sarah has a long history in the HR tech and SaaS space, sitting on the board of advisors for several companies and previously spending time as a Principal Research Analyst focused on talent acquisition at Bersin by Deloitte.

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The chat will take place on Tuesday, June 7, at 12p.m. EST. In a back and forth format, where everyone else with an internet connection is invited to join as well, we’ll be answering some of the following questions with Sarah:

  • How has Candidate Experience changed over the last few years?
  • Why is having a positive Candidate Experience important for companies today?
  • How can recruiters help create a great Candidate Experience?
  • What are some consequences of having a poor Candidate Experience?
  • What can organizations do to improve Candidate Experience?

If you’re interested in catching up on some of Sarah’s research and writing prior to the chat, here are a few articles she’s published recently:

We hope to see you on Tuesday, June 7, at 12p.m. EST. To join just follow along with the #RecruitWithData hashtag. In the meantime, follow Sarah on Twitter.

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