#RecruitWithData: A Recruiter’s Perspective on Recruiting Metrics

#RecruitWithData: A Recruiter’s Perspective on Recruiting Metrics

Mike Roberts

There’s no denying that metrics are the cornerstone of effective recruiting in 2016. And yet, we still see a group divided. One portion of talent acquisition is moving forward, taking advantage of the information sources that are readily available to help them do their jobs better. And the other half is operating no different than they did a few years back—before the data-driven recruiting revolution really started taking off.

In our continued efforts to shed light on this topic, we’re happy to announce that next week, Tuesday, May 24 at 1p.m. EST, the team at the Data-Driven Recruiter is hosting a Twitter chat with special guest, Jose Watson, a market recruiter at Lowe’s Companies, Inc.

recruiting metrics twitter chat
This Twitter chat will be an exciting one, since we typically have industry analysts or consultants as guests. Jose is an actual practitioner of talent acquisition at a Fortune 500 company.

Here are a few questions we’ll be discussing. We hope you’ll follow along with the #RecruitWithData hashtag and participate.

  • How do you choose which recruiting metrics to track and measure?
  • How does tracking metrics impact your recruiting efforts?
  • What are some unique metrics that you track to help with your strategy?
  • Which recruiting metric do you find to be the most useful?
  • What advice would you give to fellow recruiters who are stuck when it comes to metrics?
  • What does being a Data-Driven Recruiter mean to you?

See you on Tuesday, May 24 at 1p.m. EST! In the meantime, check out Jose’s LinkedIn profile and follow him on Twitter.

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