Recruiting Metrics 101… In 140 Characters or Less

Recruiting Metrics 101… In 140 Characters or Less

Michael Altiero

Metrics are a touchy subject in HR, especially when it comes to Talent Acquisition. While some organizations are leading the charge in utilizing metrics, many are still way behind. If HR leaders know the benefits of metrics, why are so many hesitant to use them to their fullest potential?

The answer is that many leaders and recruiters do not know where to start. Luckily, there are practitioners out there who are Data Driven Recruiters. Jose Watson, Market Recruiter from Lowe’s Companies, is one of them. Jose was kind enough to join us yesterday for our #RecruitWithData chat to discuss how he uses recruiting metrics and how you can start using them, too!

If you were unable to attend, here is a quick recap of yesterday’s #RecruitWithData chat:

Which metrics do you use to measure your recruiting success?

How do you choose which recruiting metrics to track and measure?

How does tracking metrics impact your recruiting efforts?

What advice would you give to fellow recruiters who are stuck when it comes to metrics?

What does being a Data-Driven Recruiter mean to you?

Thanks again to everyone who joined our latest #RecruitWithData chat. A special thank you to Jose Watson for being a great guest. Be on the lookout for information about June’s #RecruitWithData chat guest, topic, and date!

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