Quick Survey: Exploring Recruiting Metrics and Analytics Maturity

Quick Survey: Exploring Recruiting Metrics and Analytics Maturity

Mike Roberts

Every talent acquisition team measures performance to some degree. And although the metrics used and how they’re analyzed may vary between organizations, all recruiters seem to agree on one thing—progress toward goals is a must. We’re all after growth and improvements, but it’s important to take a step back and understand what we’re doing to get there and whether or not there’s a better way.

We recently teamed up with Beamery to launch a research study exploring the industry’s metrics and analytics maturity. It takes no more than two minutes start to finish, and by participating you’ll both help provide an industry benchmark and receive an eBook detailing the results in several months.

We appreciate you taking the time. All responses will be blinded and aggregated.

2 Minutes: Participate in the 2015 Recruiting Metrics and Analytics Research Study

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