How To Optimize Your Career Site…In 140 Characters Or Less

How To Optimize Your Career Site…In 140 Characters Or Less

Michael Altiero

Social MediaCareer sites have been a hot topic in recruiting in recent months, as studies have shown that they are the number one source of hire for organizations. With that being the case, optimizing your career site should be a key part of your recruiting strategy in 2016.

This was the topic of yesterday’s #RecruitWithData Twitter chat. Our special guest, ERE’s Editor in Chief, Todd Raphael, joined us for a great discussion around why companies should care about their career site and how to improve them.

In case you were not able to join the discussion or missed out on a particular question, we’ve compiled some highlights from yesterday’s #RecruitWithData chat.

What should talent acquisition teams prioritize on their career sites in 2016?

What are some common mistakes companies make on their career sites that cost them candidates?

How can recruiting teams use data & metrics to improve career site performance?

What’s the most overlooked data source for career site performance?

What’s the biggest cost of continuing with an outdated career site in 2016?

Thanks again to all who joined us, and a special thank you to Todd Raphael for being a great guest for the chat. Next month Evan Sinar, Chief Scientist at DDI World, will be joining us! Be on the lookout for more details over the coming weeks.

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