How To Measure The Effectiveness of Recruitment Channels

How To Measure The Effectiveness of Recruitment Channels

Vaida Vaitekunaite

link click attribution in recruitingAt some point, we’ve all been asked this question, “Where did you hear about us?”

Most people’s response is to try and remember, for all of three seconds, then tick a random box—“Word of Mouth, maybe. Most people don’t care.

However, for those asking the questions, it does matter and they do have to care, as the responses influence how marketing budgets are spent. At the other end of those tick boxes are strategies and budgets that are determined by the response rates.

The same logic applies with recruitment campaigns: applicants are being asked this question, with the answer reflecting a hasty attempt to remember where they first heard about the vacancy.

Problem is, the Last-Click-Attribution (LCA) model doesn’t work

Rarely will an applicant see a job posting and submit an application without checking the firm’s website, social media channels, or both. Or ask a friend, or check out salary and employee reviews on Glassdoor or LinkedIn.

Candidates will see an opportunity, save it for later, and then come back to it, after doing Google and social media searches on the company. Asking them to remember the last, or most significant touch point is a waste of their time, and more importantly, a waste of yours, collecting and interpreting that data.

Google has another word for LCA: the Zero Moment of Truth, or ZMOT—which, according to a study in 2011, comes after buyers consult an average of 10.4 sources.

Other studies estimate between 4.3 and 17 touch points in the buyer’s journey, all of which take them along this route:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Decision

At the end of this journey is the last click, that final ZMOT, but your candidate would not have made that decision unless they went on the journey first. A candidate’s motivations for finding a new job, maybe even for changing professions or moving to different cities or countries is largely out of your control.

Within your control is the ability to make your company stand out, to appeal to the highest possible caliber of candidates.

Design a Holistic Content Journey

When it comes to recruitment campaigns, time and money should almost always be invested in job advertisements. But without other key elements of the marketing mix there would be no way for candidates to establish awareness, consider and build trust, and then make the decision to apply.

As far as possible, the success of campaigns should be measured in their entirety. With analytics, you can measure the impact of each social update, each article, advert and each piece of promotional content.

Comprehensive analytics allows you to gather metrics in each stage of the campaign more effectively, allowing you to adjust accordingly and change tactics for future campaigns.

Social as an Influencer Channel

Social media is now a crucial part of almost every buyer’s journey, whether you are selling shoes or hiring a marketing manager for a shoe shop.

The mistake many recruiters make is assuming a one-size-fits-all approach will work with recruitment or employer branding campaigns. Not all social networks are created equal. Some have more organic reach than others: Facebook is now notoriously low. For job seekers, LinkedIn doesn’t dominate all time zones. Tweets have a short shelf life.

Publishing engaging, informative and funny (humor is effective, so is behind-the-scenes style content) employer branding material is one way to generate ever increasing returns on social media.

Another tactic to consider, is to examine where your audience hangs out online. Facebook News Feed isn’t the coolest party anymore. Look beyond the obvious.

Depending on your talent-base, your next hire could be hiding in niche groups, chatting on Reddit or Quora, and reading industry Blogs.

Winning the talent war means out-thinking your competitors.

You can still ask “where did you hear about the role?” But remember not to design strategies purely around that last click moment. Each step on the journey is just as important as the LCA, or ZMOT. This is only the perceived end of the road, whereas an effective campaign is about encouraging them to take the journey in the first place.

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Vaida Vaitekunaite is a Head of Alliances at Candarine. After working on various projects of Recruitment industry, Vaida sticked to recruitment marketing and is now expanding Candarine operations in United States. Candarine is a recruitment marketing technology company with a clear mission, to help companies across the world to attract the best talent. Candarine’s SaaS solution empowers recruiters to reach candidates where they really are on the internet space and bring them the recruitment message, either it’s a job advertisement, ad about the event, employer branding content or other recruitment related material. Candarine has helped more than 600 clients in 50 countries leverage social media as a sustainable complement to their recruitment strategy.

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