Four For Friday: What Are You Doing With Your Workforce Analytics?

Four For Friday: What Are You Doing With Your Workforce Analytics?

Michael Altiero

The rocky relationship between HR and analytics has been playing out for years now. However, many experts believe we have now entered the age of HR analytics. One problem, though, is that HR analytics is very broad. Many different categories fall under it.

This week’s Four For Friday explores a few different areas of HR analytics: People Analytics, Talent Analytics, and Workforce Analytics. After you read these articles, be sure to ask yourself this question: What Are You Doing With Your Workforce Analytics?

Revolutionizing People Analytics (Elizabeth Lupfer)

“It’s about time we revolutionized our people analytics, giving talent management the tools to have a real impact on engagement, and ultimately create happier, more engaged workplaces,” says Elizabeth Lupfer, Director of Employer Brand Marketing and HR Communications at The Hartford. Elizabeth discusses the problems HR leaders have faced in the past with becoming data-driven, and how HR needs the proper tools to take full advantage of all the data and analytics they have at their disposal. Check out Elizabeth’s post to learn more!

Are You Making the Most of Talent Analytics? (Recruiting Trends)

Are you still learning about talent analytics? Most HR professionals are as well. However, the adoption of HR analytics is trending upward. In this post on the Recruiting Trends blog, Monique Herena, chief human resources officer at BNY Mellon, discusses how her company is at the forefront of talent analytics. “At BNY Mellon, we’re using talent analytics to inform management decisions, focus on the long-term quality and effectiveness of our hiring and prioritize investment strategies for our talent.”

Six Things You Should Be Doing With Your Workforce Data (HR Zone)

“Using workforce data in the right way can be instrumental in becoming a high-performing company.” The keywords here are “right way.” Many organizations and leaders have plenty of data, but don’t know how to use it properly. This post on the HR Zone blog provides the following six things you should do with your data:

  1. Have one single version of the truth
  2. Ask the right questions
  3. Highlight the value of workforce data to your executive team
  4. Mix up the HR function
  5. Empower staff to own their data
  6. Overlay people data with other data

Check out this post to learn more about each of these steps.

The 4 Mistakes Most Managers Make with Analytics (Harvard Business Review)

Collecting data is crucial for business leaders today. However, many make critical mistakes with the data that they collect. This post from Harvard Business Review provides four common mistakes managers make with data:

  1. Not understanding the issues of integration
  2. Not realizing the limits of unstructured data
  3. Assuming correlations mean something
  4. Underestimating the labor skills needed

Learn more about each mistake and how your team can avoid them in this post.

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