Four For Friday: Shifting To A Data-Driven HR Model

Four For Friday: Shifting To A Data-Driven HR Model

Michael Altiero

Change can be a scary thing. Many people and businesses hate to change the status quo and move to something unfamiliar. And while fear of the unknown is understandable, not being willing to change can spell disaster for business teams.

Of course, HR is no different. And one area that many teams are afraid of is data. But shifting to a data-driven HR model shouldn’t be something to be afraid of. Instead, your team should be welcoming this change with open arms. This week’s Four For Friday explores this and more.

Top 10 Reasons Why Your Organization Needs To Shift To A Data-Driven HR Model (HR Zone)

“If you haven’t made the shift to data-driven decision making in HR, then you are hurting your firm’s growth and you’re definitely not an HR business leader,” says Dr. John Sullivan. In this article, Dr. Sullivan goes on to provide 10 reasons why your HR team must move to a data-driven approach. Here are a few of them:

  • Predictive analytics prepares you for the future
  • Numbers and data are the most effective way to influence managers and executives
  • Data can identify the hidden causes of problems
  • An opportunity to be strategic

Learn more about these reasons as well as six others in this post from Dr. Sullivan on the HR Zone blog.

More Than “Time to Hire” in Recruitment Metrics (HR Tech Weekly)

There are many metrics recruiters can measure. One particular metric that is extremely popular is Time to Hire. However, many people believe this to be among the least useful metrics to track. This article on HR Tech Weekly takes a look at Time To Hire as well as other metrics that may be more useful for your team to track and measure over time.

8 Key Hiring Metrics to Quantify Your Talent Selection Process (Business 2 Community)

Is your recruiting team struggling with which hiring metrics to measure? This post on the Business 2 Community blog explores eight recruiting analytics that will help your team improve over time. Some of these metrics include:

  • Quality of Hire
  • Early Stage Attrition Rate
  • Overall Internal and External Satisfaction
  • Source of Hire

Check out this post to learn more about these metrics and how they can help your team!

Recruiters’ Catch 22: How To Define Your Social ROI (SourceCon)

“This is the Catch 22: many recruiters are unable to articulate any sort of ROI when it comes to social recruitment, yet one of the strengths of social recruitment (given that we now live in the era of Big Data) is the ability to measure your bang-for-your-buck and the transparent view it can provide of what activities are positively affecting your business,” says Stephen Clark, Content Marketing Executive at Social Talent. Learn more about social recruiting ROI in this post on the SourceCon blog.

Interested in recruiting analytics and the future of big data strategies in talent acquisition? Sign up for the Data Driven Recruiter blog.

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