Four For Friday: Recruiting Analytics Tips You Need To Know

Four For Friday: Recruiting Analytics Tips You Need To Know

Michael Altiero

By now, chances are your talent acquisition team is using various recruiting metrics. Whether it be tracking a specific metric, or measuring various stages of the recruiting process, analytics in recruitment are becoming more and more common. However, just having a strategy is different from having an effective one.

So how can your recruiting team improve your analytics strategy? This week’s Four For Friday has gathered articles that provide you with some important recruiting analytics tips. After you check out these articles, Tweet at us how your team is using recruiting metrics with #RecruitWithData. Perhaps you’ll receive some helpful tips from some of your TA peers!

5 Tips Every Talent Leader Needs To Know About Recruiting Metrics (Proactive Talent)

Why should recruiting leaders care about analytics and data? Besides being able to measure your strategy, analytics will allow you to show your leadership team the actual ROI of your recruiting efforts. “The best way to build your business case for more budget and resources is to back up your efforts with good data,” says Will Staney. He goes on to provide the following recruiting metrics tips:

  1. What data do you think is most important?
  2. If you don’t measure anything else, what’s one metric you must absolutely track?
  3. How do I have a data-driven conversation with my stakeholders?
  4. What metrics would you include in your recruiter scorecard?
  5. What’s a realistic metric to set with hiring mangers?

Learn more about each in Will’s post on the Proactive Talent blog.

Recruiting Analytics, Ownership, and Accountability (Ben Eubanks)

This podcast from Ben Eubanks takes a deep dive into the candidate experience and recruiting metrics. Joining Ben is Kristina Minyard, Senior Talent manager at Ignite. Be sure to take a listen to gain a better understanding of recruiting analytics and how your team can better use them.

Good and Bad Recruitment Metrics (Analytics In HR)

“When I talk with people working in HR about the metrics they utilize to measure recruitment-related actions, various metrics are mentioned. I believe they can be divided into two categories: good and bad recruitment metrics,” says Marta Pawlak-Dobrzánska, founder of Great Digital. Which recruiting metrics does Marta consider “bad” and which does she believe are more useful for HR? Find out in her post on the Analytics In HR blog.

5 Big Data Metrics That Steer Recruitment Quality (Aditi Staffing)

“With an increasingly diverse hiring pool, talent analytics is becoming an essential component of the talent management process. Hence, big data has become an opportunity for staffing agencies to come up with diverse staffing solutions and improve the quality of hires to boost the holistic productivity of the organization,” says Aditi Staffing. They go on to provide the following 5 metrics recruiting will find particularly useful:

  1. Quality of Hires
  2. Sourcing Platform
  3. Passive Candidate Conversion Rates
  4. Cost Per Hire
  5. Referral Rates By Employer

Learn more about each metric in this post on the Aditi Staffing blog!

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