Four For Friday: Are Recruiting Analytics Just A Trend?

Four For Friday: Are Recruiting Analytics Just A Trend?

Michael Altiero

Trends come and go in all aspects of life. However, some trends end up being way more than just a passing fad. This also holds true in the business world. One such trend that has been taking the recruiting industry by storm that last few years is analytics.

Which brings up the question: Are recruiting analytics just another trend that will play itself out? Or, will analytics in talent acquisition stick around to become a business staple. The articles in this week’s Four For Friday explore this and more.

The Power of Big Data and Analytics in Recruiting (Recruiting Trends)

This fall, the first ever Talent Acquisition Technology Conference takes places in Austin, Texas. Kevin Wheeler, Founder and Chairman of the Future of Talent Institution, will be there to discuss predictive analytics and Big Data in recruiting. He also sat down with the Recruiting Trends team for a Q&A on the topic. Check out this post to learn more!

Quality Of Hire Is Meaningless! (Tim Sackett)

In this post from Tim Sackett, he explores the problems with quality of hire. “99.9% of organizations measure Quality of Hire differently. Without a consistent industry measure, Quality of Hire doesn’t mean anything,” says Tim. However, Tim does think quality of hire can be an important metric, but it requires the recruiting industry to work together.

HR Analytics FAQ: A Top 10 (Analytics In HR)

HR analytics “is something of a buzzword and yet it remains decidedly difficult to get to grips with what analytics is all about in practice and for real,” says Kate Wadia, Service Delivery Director at Phase 3 Consulting. In her post on the Analytics In HR blog, she provides a top 10 list of frequently asked questions around analytics. Here are a few of them:

  • Should I be interested in HR Analytics?
  • What’s the difference between reporting and Analytics?
  • What’s the benefit?
  • How would I go about choosing the right thing for me?

Read this blog post to see the full list of FAQ’s about HR analytics.

3 Ways to Avoid Big-Data Blind Spots When Recruiting (Entrepreneur)

“It is necessary for leaders to understand how and when to use big data in their recruiting and the gaps that are created when it becomes an overly relied upon tool,” says Eliot Burdett, Founder and CEO of Peak Sales Recruiting. In his post on, Eliot explored three ways recruiting leaders can avoid “blind spots” when using big data:

  1. Don’t rely entirely on technology
  2. Maintain “old school” recruiting tecnhiques
  3. Don’t just collect data, learn how to analyze it

Check out Eliot’s post to learn more about each of these three ways and how you can better incorporate big data in your recruiting strategy.

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