Four For Friday: People Analytics and Recruiting Metrics

Four For Friday: People Analytics and Recruiting Metrics

Michael Altiero

Does your HR team use people analytics? How about recruiting metrics? If the answer is yes, then chances are your HR department is improving each and every day (if you are measuring them correctly!). If not, then you are lagging behind your competition, especially when it comes to attracting new talent.

This week’s Four For Friday explores two different areas of HR data that, believe it or not, impact one another. People analytics and recruiting metrics are the main focus of this week’s articles.

The 4 Metrics You Must Track (TLNT)

A common theme with recruiting metrics is that leaders are not sure which ones to track and measure. And while recruiting metrics will help your overall strategy, they won’t do much without a plan being in place first. This article from TLNT explains why four metrics in particular should be among those you track.

  1. Employee Engagement
  2. Performance
  3. Recruiting Funnel
  4. Turnover

Read this article to learn more about each of these metrics and how you can get started measuring them.

15 Tips To Help HR Get Started With People Analytics (David Green)

Looking to get started with people analytics? David Green, Global Director, People Analytics Solutions at IBM (and a regular in our Four For Fridays), has put together this extremely helpful list of tips. Here are a few of them:

  • Get your CHRO excited and involved
  • Go to a conference
  • Plan your strategy (with the focus on the business)
  • Perfect your storytelling skills
  • Be bold, experiment and get comfortable with the occasional failure

Check out David’s post to learn more about all 15 tips that will help get your people analytics strategy started!

Why People Analytics Is The Next Big Opportunity For Your Organization (Forbes Leadership)

“Without people analytics, it’s impossible to design any type of employee experiences since you need the data and the sciences to understand how your people work,” says Jacob Morgan. In this video on the Forbes Leadership blog, Jacob explores various questions about how people work, and explains how the use of people analytics will help you get answers.

The 5 Levels Of Social Media Recruitment Maturity (Talent Culture)

“It is becoming increasingly difficult to become one of the best places to work, and we all wish that there was a magic formula to achieving that status. The companies that get there are the ones that are able to attract, engage and hire top notch talent through data-driven employer branding strategies,” says Tamer Rafla, Founder of Klujo. He goes on to explain the importance of social media in recruiting, and the different maturity levels that exist. Check out this post on the Talent Culture blog to learn more.

Interested in recruiting analytics and the future of big data strategies in talent acquisition? Sign up for the Data Driven Recruiter blog.

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