Four For Friday: Meaningful Ways To Use People And HR Analytics

Four For Friday: Meaningful Ways To Use People And HR Analytics

Michael Altiero

One of the biggest problems with analytics in HR is that many leaders are not sure how they work, where to start, and so on. Many organizations have an overabundance of data, and that can be intimidating to even the most experienced leaders.

Luckily, there are articles out there that will ease your worries and help get you started using people and HR analytics in meaningful ways. We gathered a few of them here (don’t worry, there are WAY more out there!) in this week’s Four For Friday.

People Analytics Market Growth: 10 Things You Need to Know (Josh Bersin)

According to Josh Bersin, “today ‘People Analytics’ as a business discipline has arrived. Our research now shows tremendous growth in this market, and a significant shift away from measuring HR toward a real focus on using people data to understand and predict business performance.” Josh goes on to provide ten things you need to know about the rise of people analytics. Here are a few of them:

  • The People Analytics function now has a clear mission
  • Data Management still remains a challenge
  • People Analytics is not a small, central team anymore: it must extend into the organization
  • Build an open, extensive architecture to be ready for growth

Learn about these and more in Josh’s post on his personal blog.

How HR Can Use Analytics In A Meaningful Way (HR Dive)

At this year’s SHRM annual conference, the main themes that were repeated over and over in modern HR were culture, strategy, and analytics. And all three of these are interrelated: “In order for companies to create meaningful change and authentic cultures, HR pros do need to have a working sense of how to gather and interpret data,” says Kathryn Moody, associate editor for HR Dive. Check out this post on their blog to learn more about how HR analytics can be used to improve company culture and strategy!

Ways HR Data May Improve Your Bottom Line (Forbes)

“Today’s data-driven CHROs and HR leaders are discovering the potential to improve the bottom line with HR data-driven insights. According to Entrepreneur magazine, HR data and analytics are among the top areas of investment for HR teams, and implementation rates of big data programs are set to soar by 2018,” says Jasmine Gordon. She goes on to provide three ways HR data can improve your bottom line:

  1. Managing Benefits and Health Care
  2. Identifying Retention Risks
  3. Employee Engagement

Learn about each in this post on the Forbes business blog.

3 Ways People Data Can Improve Recruitment (Impactly)

People data and analytics can have a wide range of impacts on HR. That extends to recruiting and talent acquisition. This post on the Impactly blog looks at three ways the use of people data can help improve your recruiting efforts:

  1. Simplifying Data For A Simpler Hiring Process
  2. Utilizing Hiring Tools
  3. Enhancing the Candidate Experience

Check out this post to learn more!

Interested in recruiting analytics and the future of big data strategies in talent acquisition? Sign up for the Data Driven Recruiter blog.

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