Four For Friday: What Does Big Data Tell HR Leaders?

Four For Friday: What Does Big Data Tell HR Leaders?

Michael Altiero

The business phenomenon that is big data has impacted just about every department of organizations in 2016. Big data can allow leaders to gain valuable insights into what is and isn’t working, and what can be done to improve. And while HR has lagged behind in the use of data analytics, we are starting to see this trend changing.

The main reason why is that HR leaders want to be seen as a more evidence-based partner to other areas within the business. The use of analytics and data can help HR achieve this goal. But what exactly can Big Data tell HR leadership? This week’s Four For Friday explores this very interesting and important topic.

3 Surprising Things That Big Data Reveals About HR (Investopedia)

“Big data in HR helps companies save time and money when recruiting, hiring and retaining their best workers. More businesses will be implementing predictive analytics in their business practices as organizations increasingly see the value in the process and want to improve the bottom line,” says Jennifer Wills. Learn more about how Big Data will impact those three important HR areas in this post on the Investopedia blog.

How to Build Successful Big Data and Data Science Teams (Bernard Marr)

One of the biggest challenges facing businesses today (besides Big Data itself!) is hiring for data science teams, says Bernard Marr. He says that “to build a strong, successful big data and data science team, organizations should focus less on finding candidates who are ‘perfect’ on paper and direct their efforts more toward putting together a group that is greater than the mere sum of its parts.” Check out this post from Bernard on the Data-Informed blog to learn more.

Predicting Candidates’ Learning Behaviors (Recruiting Trends)

“Back in the early days, HR analytics software was directed at the singular goal of hiring better, which would then logically lead to lower employee turnover and a higher level of performance,” says Charles Cagle, VP Of Human Capital Management Development, Strategy, and Operations at Infor. However, as time has passed, the role of analytics in HR has expanded. Learn how in this post on the Recruiting Trends blog.

Where and How Big Data Fits in Human Resource? (CareerBuilder India)

With the use of Big Data, HR is set to become a more evidence-based partner to senior leadership. This is particularly true when it comes to talent and hiring decisions. This post from CareerBuilder India goes on to provide 5 areas where Big Data fits into HR:

  1. Talent
  2. Turnover
  3. Risk
  4. Retention
  5. Future-ready

Each of these areas can be greatly boosted with the use of Big Data, which can have a big impact on not just HR, but the business as a whole.

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