Four For Friday: How To Avoid HR Data Mistakes

Four For Friday: How To Avoid HR Data Mistakes

Michael Altiero

Everybody makes mistakes. Even the greatest leaders have at some point made a bad decision. But the goal for every leader is to make the most informed decisions that will lead to positive results.

In the HR world, decision-making used to be made solely on gut-feel. But the rise of HR analytics has made “gut” decisions the way of the past. However, that is assuming you know what you are doing with your data. By measuring and analyzing the wrong HR data, you could be setting yourself and your company up for disaster.

This week’s Four For Friday explores how to avoid making mistakes with your HR data.

How to Analyze Source of Hire Data to Validate Recruiting Efforts (UpstartHR/Ben Eubanks)

“What if you had a way to not only see what sources your candidates were coming from, but which ones delivered you the best people that you ended up hiring? This isn’t just possible–it should be a regular activity you perform as an HR/recruiting leader so that you can validate your hiring efforts and expenditures,” says Ben Eubanks, Analyst at Lighthouse Research. Ben goes on to explain how you can measure and analyze Source of Hire. Check out his post to learn more!

People Analytics: Tapping Into A Powerful Resource (Talent Culture)

One of the biggest trends in HR this year is people analytics. Josh Bersin has even gone as far as saying that people analytics as a business discipline has arrived. In this post on the Talent Culture blog, Meghan M. Biro explains the many benefits of people analytics and how you can start reaping the benefits it can provide.

2016 is the Year of HR Data and People Metrics (People HR)

A recent XpertHR survey revealed some interesting data about HR and People Analytics in 2016. “It seems that there has emerged a strong desire for private-sector companies to gather, measure and analyze HR data. This is partly in order to improve overall performance, but the survey also found that it is a way for HR practitioners to prove the value of the HR function to the organization.” Read this post on the People HR blog to see some survey data and other information.

How Using A Single Broad Turnover Measure Can Cost Your Corporation Millions (ERE)

“The simplistic and broad turnover metrics used by most corporations hide the real truth about the business impacts of employee turnover. And as a result, few executives realize that the way HR currently reports turnover is probably costing every major corporation millions of dollars,” says Dr. John Sullivan. This is obviously a huge cause for concern for HR leaders and one that can have enormous business impacts. Check out Dr. Sullivan’s post to learn how you can avoid this scenario.

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