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Four For Friday

Data Driven Recruiter

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Every Friday, The DDR shines a light on the best data-centric articles and resources from across the internet, social media, and industry influencers.

We are just about two weeks into the Data Driven Recruiter, and the amount of interest and support shown has been far greater than we could have imagined. We look forward to sharing more information and articles in the coming weeks from some of the most influential people in the HR industry. We hope you are as excited as we are!

Also, don’t forget to register for our webinar with Matt Charney on March 5th, “How to Become A Data Driven Recruiter.”

Big Data: Does Size Really Matter for Recruiting? (Recruiting Daily)
The phrase “big data” is being talked about a lot in HR these days, but one question looms large: Does size matter in recruiting? Matt Charney (@mattcharney) discusses this and more.

Break Our of Your Recruitment Rut: 6 Stats Every Employer Must Know (
“Where have all the candidates gone?” That’s a question many recruiters have asked. Rosemary Haefner (@haefner_r) of CareerBuilder explains how recruiting statistics can help you fill your roles.

6 Recruiting Metrics That Really Matter (Lou Adler)
Have you ever wondered which HR and recruiting metrics you should focus on? Lou Adler (@LouA) gives six metrics that best predict quality of hire, individual recruiter productivity and overall department performance.

The Next Frontier for Human Resources? It’s People Analytics (
Michael Housman (@MichaelHousman) talks about a new talent management process that is starting to emerge in HR called “people analytics.” Learn more about how the Oakland Athletics helped influence the world of human resources.

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