Four For Friday: Your Burning HR Data Analytics Questions Answered

Four For Friday: Your Burning HR Data Analytics Questions Answered

Emily Check

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In recent years data analHR Data Analytics Questionsytics have become increasingly popular in HR and recruiting strategy conversations. On a high level it makes perfect sense, decisions that are fueled by relevant and accurate data ensure the best results. But in HR we’re dealing with people and it becomes more complicated. These four articles discuss many of the misconceptions and questions HR professionals face when considering incorporating data analytics into their processes. Take a deep breath and read on, we’ve got the answers you need.

Recruiting By The Numbers (

This articles wrestles with the idea of the importance of data analytics in HR. Is it a big deal or not? Matt Ferguson suggests that companies who don’t have complex recruiting or talent management problems may be able to survive without a data analytics tool. However for most mid-size to enterprise companies, data analytics tools can solve major talent management problems, including the most substantial one, delays in hiring, which isn’t something to take lightly.

More Than 100 Days: The Realistic Analytics Journey (LinkedIn Talent Pulse)

Tracey Smith, a global influencer in HR, summarizes a recent report released by IBM Smarter Workforce Institute called “Starting the Workforce Analytics Journey: The First 100 Days”. She thinks the chances of getting a firm plan in place to set up an analytics-enabled HR function will most likely take more than 100 days. It takes copious amounts of research, communication and relationship building to gather the information needed to make your HR Analytics dream team a reality. It’s worth doing it right.

How to Optimise HR Data Collection (HC Online)

In the HR industry, collecting data has become a hot topic. Everyone knows they should be collecting it, but not everyone knows what to do with it. This article examines two types of HR data, predictive analytics and descriptive analytics. They’re used for entirely different functions—one allows you to look at facts, and the other examines probabilities that something will happen in the future.

Want Better Talent Acquisition? Time To Dive Into Data (HCM Essentials)

In today’s technology-driven era, best in class organizations must be aware of what their consumer wants and expects. There is an overwhelming amount of data available to us online that we don’t even think about. In this HCM post, researchers Michael Moon and Zach Lahey explain how HR departments need technology that enables them to easily access and analyze the most crucial candidate data (resumes, online presence, social media) so they can select the very best talent.

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