Four For Friday: What Every Manager Should Know About HR Analytics

Four For Friday: What Every Manager Should Know About HR Analytics

Michael Altiero

Managers Should Know About HR AnalyticsAnalytics and big data are very confusing, especially to those who are new to them. Being overwhelmed is a common issue when HR teams look to implement a data analytics strategy.

Luckily, there are plenty of articles to help resolve this problem and provide the necessary information to all team members. However, managers in particular need to know more about analytics if they want to implement a successful strategy. The articles in this week’s Four For Friday provide information about HR analytics that every manager should know.

The 8 HR Analytics Every Manager Should Know About (Bernard Marr)

“HR departments are generating more data than ever before but at the same time they often struggle to turn their data into valuable insights. Based on the work I do with companies all over the globe I have identified some of the most important analytics managers can use to better understated the people-related side of their business,” says Bernard Marr, author and big data guru.

He provides the following 8 HR analytics you should be measuring:

  1. Capability Analytics
  2. Competency Acquisition Analytics
  3. Capacity Analytics
  4. Employee Churn Analytics
  5. Corporate Culture Analytics
  6. Recruitment Channel Analytics
  7. Leadership Analytics
  8. Employee Performance Analytics

Learn more about each in Bernard’s latest post on

40% of Organizations Don’t Have An HR Analytics Strategy (Benefits Canada)

A recent survey by PwC US found that more than two-thirds of U.S. organizations lack an HR analytics strategy. The survey also found that 52% of respondents do not have a dedicated HR analytics team. Check out this article from Benefits Canada for more interesting statistics from the PwC survey.

A Perfect Union: Talent Management and Predictive Analytics (Janine Truitt)

“The key to unlocking the potential of this perfect union between predictive analytics and talent management is starting with what you have – regardless of where you think you need to be on the data continuum. There’s no script anyone can write for how HR should be utilizing data,” says Janine Truitt, CIO of Talent Think Innovations.

She recently spoke with Human Capital Institute for one of their HCI podcast’s on the future of predictive analytics in talent management. Check out her article for the full podcast.

Workforce Analytics Is a Business Issue (APQC)

Greta Roberts, Co-Founder and CEO of Talent Analytics, recently sat down with APQC for a Q&A on the topic of predictive workforce analytics. The first in a series of blog posts, this article discusses the following question: “Who should care about predictive workforce analytics and why? Is this just an HR issue? Why or why not?” See Greta’s thoughts in this post on the APQC blog.

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