Four For Friday: Tracking and Measuring Recruiting Metrics

Four For Friday: Tracking and Measuring Recruiting Metrics

Michael Altiero

It’s a new age for recruiting and talent acquisition professionals. Not only has the digital age left its imprints on HR, the rise of data-driven recruiting is upon us. This has had a huge impact on talent acquisition.

Many recruiters fear data and metrics because they don’t fully understand them. As we have mentioned, Big Data can be a scary thing for HR and may not always be the best approach. But tracking and measuring recruiting metrics is an important strategy for talent acquisition professionals. This week’s Four For Friday explores the importance of recruiting metrics and why your team should be optimistic instead of fearful!

Measuring Your Employer Brand – What to Track? (Bryan Chaney)

“Your employer brand is what people say about working for your company when the boss is not in the room.  Notice that I didn’t just say employees? That’s because people like to share helpful and insightful information that they’ve heard from their friends or colleagues, whether they have worked for an organization or not,” says Bryan Chaney. He goes on to provide three ways to measure your employer brand:

  1. Awareness
  2. Affinity
  3. Application

Learn about each in Bryan’s post on the ATC Hub blog.

Recruitment and Big Data – Match Made In Heaven? (Recruitment Juice)

Big data is the new trend in the business world, and talent acquisition is no exception when it comes to using data to achieve greater results. This post on the Recruitment Juice blog, written by James Burbank, dives into current relationship between recruiting and big data, and what HR can do to better prepare themselves to use it moving forward.

Top Recruiting Metrics Your Company Must Track Today (RPO Association)

Today’s talent acquisition teams need to be able to track and measure metrics to see trends in their strategies and whether or not they are working (and to possibly identify certain areas that need to be addressed). But which metrics should be measured? This post on the RPO Association blog provides five metrics your team should start to utilize:

  1. Time To Hire
  2. Cost To Hire
  3. Source Of Hire
  4. Retention Rate
  5. Acceptance Rate

Check out this article to learn more about these metrics and how you can start measuring them.

Quality of Hire Means Something, Here’s Why (Maren Hogan)

“Quality of Hire didn’t use to be a recruiting measurement. Far from it! Even just ten years ago, the goal for recruiters and even their emerging brethren was to make sure that people met the job requirements,” says Maren Hogan. But times are changing she says. “With the emergence of employer branding, recruitment marketing, personality and skills assessments and cultural fit, the zeitgeist has decided that yes, recruiters must answer for quality of hire.” Maren goes on to explain why today’s recruiters should embrace quality of hire and retention KPIs. Check out her post on the Ceridian blog to learn more.

Interested in recruiting analytics and the future of big data strategies in talent acquisition? Sign up for the Data Driven Recruiter blog.

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