Four For Friday: The Rise of People Analytics

Four For Friday: The Rise of People Analytics

Michael Altiero

rise of people analyticsWe have been sharing and writing a lot of content around people analytics so far in 2016. This growing component of HR analytics can provide a lot of benefits to organizations, including talent acquisition and recruiting. Yet, as with most other areas of HR analytics, there are still many skeptics.

This week’s Four For Friday takes a closer look at people analytics and how they can benefit your company. As you read these articles, let us know your thoughts on people analytics (and HR analytics in general) on Twitter by using #RecruitWithData!

Using People Analytics To Hire For Emerging Job Titles (Training Magazine)

What is the difference between people analytics and traditional assessment tools? “Traditional assessment tools and people analytics are not the same thing. Traditional personality assessment tools can provide you with a static overview of an employee that was pulled from one particular place and time. People analytics, on the other hand, is an evolving set of data that tells the true story of an employee in real time,” says Ronald F. Wolff, SVP, Talent Development at Caliper. Learn more in Ronald’s post on the Training Magazine blog.

4 Incomparable Benefits of HR Analytics (The Career Muse)

“Adoption of HR analytics is proven to give companies a competitive edge over their competition, by helping them unleash the power of Big Data,” says Hena Fatma, Research and Content Specialist at CareerBuilder. Hena goes on to provide the following four benefits that HR analytics provide:

  1. Better Hiring Decisions
  2. Better Insight
  3. Better Training
  4. Better Retention

Learn more specifics about each in Hena’s post on the Career Muse blog.

What Big Data Tells Us About Onboarding (CTO Vision)

An important area of HR and talent acquisition is onboarding. This part of the recruiting process can be made better thanks to big data and analytics. “The data and insight needed to streamline an onboarding process can optimize employee efficiency and ensure that businesses are better able to retain new staff members over time,” says author Brigg Pattern. Learn more in his post on the CTO blog.

People Analytics: Because HR Is A Numbers Game, Too! (AE)

“One of the ways in which we can use our HR data is to predict who is going to leave the company when. By comparing your ‘loyal’ base to the ones that have left your organization deliberately in the past (using predictive modeling techniques), you can spot the main differences between the two and see at which point in their careers people tend to leave and what the probable causes could be,” says Jessica Ruelens, Data Scientist at AE nv/sa. Check out her post on the AE nv/sa blog for more information.

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