Four For Friday: Take Advantage of HR Analytics

Four For Friday: Take Advantage of HR Analytics

Michael Altiero

Metrics, analytics and data. Chances are if you’re an HR professional these are all you have been hearing about for months. You’re also probably wondering why they are such a big deal.

We have explored that question in previous Four For Friday’s as well as other posts. But HR analytics remain something that HR teams need in order to achieve success, especially as recruiting and other aspects of human resources get tougher. This week’s articles take a look at a few ways your team can take advantage of HR analytics.

How to Gain Competitive Advantage Through Workforce Analytics (SHRM)

“As the business world becomes increasingly competitive, HR professionals must become more adept at workforce analytics to connect human capital and performance with their organizations’ business strategies,” says Dori Meinert, Senior Writer/Editor for HR Magazine. This topic was discussed in depth at a recent SHRM Foundation Thought Leaders Retreat event. To learn more about what was discussed, take a look at this post on the SHRM blog.

Why CEOs Don’t Act On Talent Metrics (Dr. John Sullivan)

Dr. John Sullivan is a leading expert on Metrics and Data-Driven Recruiting, which is why this post is a great read. “Talent metrics have been a miserable failure! They don’t drive executives to act because they are not forward-looking and they don’t prescribe the needed actions to solve upcoming problems,” Dr. Sullivan says. Luckily, Dr. Sullivan goes on to provide 5 metrics that drive executes to act. Check out his post on the ERE blog to learn more!

The 10 Golden Rules of HR Analytics – Crowd Version (Patrick Coolen)

In a follow-up to his popular post (The 10 Golden Rules of HR Analytics), Patrick Coolen, Manager HR Metrics & Analytics at ABN AMRO Bank N.V., took feedback he received and merged them with some ideas from his original article to create a new and improved post. Called the “Crowd Version,” this is a great read for anyone interested in HR analytics. Be sure to take some time and give it a read.

3 Steps To Become A Metrics-Driven Recruiter (ERE)

So you want to become a data-driven recruiter, but you’re not sure where to start? Well you’re not alone! “About 75 percent of recruiters aren’t using data to inform their decisions.” This post from ERE explores the steps needed to become more metrics and data-driven. The steps are:

  1. Dissect Your Costs
  2. Determine (and Optimize) Your KPIs
  3. Own Your Budget

Check out this post to learn more about each step.

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