Four For Friday: People Meet Analytics in HR

Four For Friday: People Meet Analytics in HR

Michael Altiero

Human resources is a people-centric business function. It’s also the business area that is tasked with continually bringing on new people to improve the organization. As this job becomes more difficult, HR and talent acquisition must incorporate new methods to attract and retain the best people.

That is where data and analytics come into play. This week’s Four For Friday takes a look at how people and analytics are starting to mesh in HR, and how leaders can start better utilizing the data they have at hand.

Measuring Recruiting’s Impact Beyond Source of Hire (Shannon Smedstad)

“While you may not be ready to let go of the source of hire metric just yet, understand that it’s one data point within a larger talent analytics story,” says Shannon Smedstad. In her post on, Shannon explains why recruiting must use more metrics than just source of hire. She provides the following four ways your team can start building a data story:

  1. Get the data
  2. Create a data story with analytics
  3. Match your data to the business outcomes
  4. Have a portfolio of things you can measure

Learn more about each step in Shannon’s post!

Demystifying People Analytics – Part 1 (David Green)

In the first in a series of articles, David Green, Global Director, People Analytics Solutions at IBM, takes at look at where people analytics should sit within your organization. David provides five main options based on his conversations with various organizations:

  1. An Analytics Center Of Excellence Within HR
  2. A Dedicated Team Within HR, Reporting Directly To The CHRO
  3. A Dedicated Team Outside HR, With A Dotted Line To The CHRO
  4. Part Of An Enterprise-Wide Analytics Functions
  5. Outsource To/Partner With An External Service Provider

Learn about each of these options in David’s post on the HRN Blog.

“Time to Fill” Can Become a More Useful Recruiting Metric (Bob Corlett)

“HR professionals often disagree about the value of ‘Time to Fill (TTF)’ as recruiting metric. The debate is largely pointless – like TTF or not, it’s here to stay. TTF endures because for executives outside of HR, it measures outcomes in a readily understandable way,” says Bob Corlett, President and Founder of Staffing Advisors. Bob goes on to explain how your team can make this metric more useful for your organization.

10 HR Analytics You Should Know (HR Executive Magazine)

“How can HR leaders be sure that they’ve got the right people on board to help expand the business?” The answer is by understanding and utilizing HR analytics. This article from HR Executive Magazine conveniently gathers and explains 10 HR analytics that your team should know. Check out this post to learn about them!

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