Four For Friday: People and Talent Analytics Take Off In HR

Four For Friday: People and Talent Analytics Take Off In HR

Michael Altiero

HR Analytics Takes FlightIt is still early in 2016, yet this year is shaping up to be an important time for HR analytics. Many experts are calling this the year of data analytics in human resources, with more and more studies backing up this claim. If this is actually happening, what does it mean for HR leadership?

The articles in this week’s Four For Friday take a look at various ways analytics are changing the business landscape for HR. If this is in fact the year that HR analytics takes off, you certainly don’t want to miss out.

What You Should Know About Implementing Retention Analytics (People Matters)

“An efficient analytics solution should involve extensive use of data or statistical input; it should enable creation of predictive models and help decision makers with specific action points that could lead to better outcomes,” says J Jerry Moses, Senior Associate of Content at People Matters. He goes on to explain how analytics can help with employee retention and provides four steps to set up an effective process:

  1. Identify Factors
  2. Segment Employees
  3. Implement Action
  4. Operationalize A Plan

Learn more in the post on the People Matters blog.

10 insights you can create with basic HR data (HR Trends Institute)

This infographic gives 10 examples of how your team can go about creating insights from your HR data:

  1. Number of layers in different parts of the organization
  2. Span of control for the different levels
  3. Staff turnover in strategic focus areas
  4. Gender diversity per job level
  5. Turnover of talent versus others
  6. Talent at risk
  7. Percentage of positions with qualified successors
  8. Strength of the leadership bench
  9. Quarterly personnel movements
  10. Percentage of people aged 60+

People Analytics Takes Off (Josh Bersin)

“The market for People Analytics (aka Talent Analytics) is taking off. Our latest research shows that companies almost doubled their adoption of this new practice in the last year,” says Josh Bersin, Principal and Founder of Bersin by Deloitte. Josh goes on to provide data around the adoption of people analytics as well as important trends in this area. Check out his post to learn more.

Big Data: Now an Integral Part of Talent Recruiting (Meghan M. Biro)

Meghan M. Biro, Founder and CEO of Talent Culture, explains how HR is sitting on a goldmine of data and that leaders must adapt to this growing aspect of business. She goes on to discuss how big data is already impacting areas of human resources, and how avoiding data analytics can be a mistake. Learn more in her post on the Converge.XYZ blog.

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