Four for Friday: Moving the Dial on HR and Recruiting Analytics

Four for Friday: Moving the Dial on HR and Recruiting Analytics

Mike Roberts

hr analytics softwareEvery Friday, The DDR shines a light on the best data-centric articles and resources from across the internet, social media, and industry influencers.

Seeing technology in action can be a fascinating experience, especially when it applies to your daily life or your career. That’s what’s happening to many recruiters who are starting to really use data and analytics for the first time to support their decisions. In this Four for Friday, we look into a few articles on this topic from around the web. If there’s an article you think should be included next week, tweet it to us at @RecruitDDR.

1. How to look for data roles and recruit data talent (LinkedIn)

Similar to the discussion we had on the Data-Driven Recruiter blog earlier this week regarding maturity models, this article by George Xing, Director of Analytics at Lyft, dives into when the right time is for your organization to hire a data specialist. He said, “At different stages of your company’s lifecycle, you may need to fill different data roles.” This is an important thing to think about, because hiring for your own department has to be as strategic as the hiring you’re doing for other departments.

2. Not understanding how to use big data is a symptom, not a problem (HR Tech World)

Garrett O’Brien shared his thoughts on the big data revolution, starting with a few stats: 48% of executives feel big data is a useful tool and a lack of understanding in how to use big data is one of the biggest roadblocks to implementation. He shared these stats to highlight one of the greatest challenges facing organizations that want to become more data-driven—it’s easier to do nothing than to take on what many perceive to be a daunting task.

3. A Big Data Cheat Sheet: What Executives Want to Know (Social Media Today)

When it comes to big data, there’s lots to know and even more we haven’t yet figured out. If you’re like the hundreds of thousands of manager-level and above professionals out there trying to wrap your head around the topic and figure out how it can help you, then the infographics and FAQs from Tamara Dull at Social Media Today should help you out.

4. 6 Ways to Increase the ROI of Investing in Dedicated Sourcing Recruiters (ERE)

One of the most powerful ways to leverage data is to help it guide future decisions. This can be done by analyzing what’s happened in the past, and then making adjustments to your strategy going forward. Carl Kutsmode shared a few examples of this in his article on ways to increase the return on investing in dedicated sourcing recruiters. He goes into the topics of defining roles, avoiding mistakes, and using recruiting metrics to understand and manage performance.

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