Four For Friday: HR’s Big Data Challenge

Four For Friday: HR’s Big Data Challenge

Michael Altiero

Big Data ChallengeHR organizations and leaders face many challenges. Some are routine and easy to deal with, while others can have long-lasting impacts on the business if not met correctly. Big data falls into this category.

Many industry experts believe that HR isn’t properly prepared to face this challenge head on, but there are those who disagree. So, do you think HR is ready for its big data challenge? That’s what we explore in this week’s Four For Friday.

Is HR set to fail the Big Data challenge? (People Matters)

Big data has been a much talked about buzzword in the HR sphere for a while now, and one big question is looming: Is HR ready for big data? While some believe that HR is setting itself up to fail with big data (for various reasons), Dr. Debolina Dutta, Director and Head of HR at VF Corporation India, disagrees. She believes that HR “needs to demonstrate ‘smartness’ with respect to data and the ability to connect the dots, built insights from trends and patterns.” Learn more in her post on the People Matters blog.

Surviving the Data Flow (John Sumser)

“HR Departments everywhere are starting to understand that much of their cost is driven by the fact that they don’t own their own data. The move to Big Data solutions will bring enormous gain to the brave and a future in the service industry to the rest,” says John Sumser, Founder and Editor-In-Chief of HRExaminer Online Magazine. Check out John’s post to learn more.

11 Reasons It’s Crucial for Recruiters to Track Quality of Hire (Dr. John Sullivan)

According to Dr. John Sullivan, quality of hire is perhaps the most strategic move any recruiting team can make. “Having that metric handy allows you to prove the business value of your recruiting team, improve the recruiting process itself, and get hiring managers’ attention.” Dr. Sullivan then goes on to provide eleven benefits your team can see by measuring quality of hire. Here are a few:

  • Helps you prove the business impact of your recruiting team
  • Gets hiring managers to pay attention to you
  • Motivates managers to take ownership of hiring
  • Allows you to assess the impact of your vendors
  • Helps to show that you are a data-driven function

To learn more about these and the other benefits of measuring quality of hire, read Dr. Sullivan’s post on the LinkedIn Talent blog.

HR Transformation: The 4 Pillars (Wilson HCG)

How can HR go about transforming itself? Stacie Murray and Geoff Dubiski from Wilson HCG tackled this question by looking at four important pillars that, when combined, can transform an organization. What are the four pillars?

  1. Enabling Technology
  2. The Pyramid
  3. Change Management
  4. Analytics That Provide Insight Into What Lies Ahead

Learn more about each pillar and how they can help improve your HR team in this post on the Wilson HCG blog.

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