Four For Friday: How To Build a Winning HR Analytics Strategy

Four For Friday: How To Build a Winning HR Analytics Strategy

Michael Altiero

Winning HR Analytics StrategyEvery Friday, The DDR shines a light on the best data-centric articles and resources from across the internet, social media, and industry.

Building a winner from the ground up is a very difficult task. Just ask General Managers and Head Coaches of struggling pro sports teams. It’s no different in the business world. In fact, some instances are even more difficult. An HR analytics strategy is one of them. However, with the right leaders, team members, and skillsets, a losing strategy can become a winner. The articles in this week’s Four For Friday explore this and more.

Big Data & Analytics in Recruiting & Learning (Kevin Wheeler)

“Big data and analytics are just beginning to be tapped for recruiting and learning, but their future growth will depend on HR practitioners understanding of what big data and analytics can do for them, their willingness to use the data to make decisions and change behavior, and agreement around privacy and ethical use of this information,” says Kevin Wheeler, Founder & Chairman, Future of Talent Institute. In his article, Kevin provides a few ways big data can help with both recruiting and learning. Check out his post to learn more.

Strategic Importance of HR Can Shoot Up with Analytics (People Matters)

Big data is a term that has been talked about more and more as 2015 progresses. Just about every business function has seen and felt its impact, except (for the most part) HR. Dr. Bart Baesens asks “How come Big Data & Analytics have not matured yet as fully competitive strategic HR instruments, allowing you to better understand the behavior of your key asset: your employees!” Bart goes on to provide some requirements of successful HR analytics models and hurdles to overcome, so companies can begin to see success with data.

How to Build a “Superhero” HR Analytics Team (Personnel Today)

“A lack of data skills is holding HR back from making strategic use of HR analytics. Building a ‘superhero’ HR analytics team is the solution.” What are the skillsets for a successful HR analytics team? Michael Carty provides 6 that are crucial:

  1. Strong psychological skills
  2. Data management
  3. Excellence with numbers and statistics
  4. Ability to create visualizations
  5. Understanding the business
  6. Storytelling skills

The capabilities required to make effective use of HR analytics are rarely all found in just one person. They are also rarely found within HR departments,” says Michael. Learn more in his post on the Personnel Today blog.

HR Analytics is Not a Cost But an Investment! (iNostix)

Luk Smeyers, Co-Founder and CEO of iNostix, says he often talks about the necessary budget for HR analytics. “Unfortunately HR focuses mainly on the costs and not so much on the investment aspect,” says Luk. “I’ve noticed that HR leaders do not succeed enough in positioning predictive analytics as a necessary investment in the sustainable competitiveness of their organization. This often has to do with an unfortunate lack of awareness as to the opportunities HR analytics can offer.” Learn more in the latest article from Luk on the HR Tech World blog.

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