Four For Friday: Embracing Data, Metrics, and Analytics in HR

Four For Friday: Embracing Data, Metrics, and Analytics in HR

Michael Altiero

Embracing Analytics in HREvery Friday, The DDR shines a light on the best data-centric articles and resources from across the internet, social media, and industry.

Getting started with analytics and data in HR is a tough task. It can take a lot of time and resources, but the benefits are well documented. Getting started, though, isn’t necessarily the hardest part. Fully embracing a data-driven strategy is what holds many HR analytics projects back. The articles in this week’s Four For Friday take a look at why your team should embrace data, metrics, and analytics in your HR department.

Embrace Measurement And Metrics (ERE Media)

“Over time, I have concluded that all areas of a business lend themselves to measurement. Yet, for years, we in HR/Recruiting avoided metrics either because we thought we were too good for them, or because we believed that measurement doesn’t apply, since the (mistaken) perception was that HR, by definition, exists to advocate for employees,” says J. James O’Malley. He goes on to say that despite the recent surge in analytics in HR, recruiters still struggle to measure what matters. Learn more in J. James’s post on the ERE blog.

5 Ways To Drive Your Company Forward Using HR Analytics (Ceridian)

Companies continue to struggle with HR analytics. In the age of big data, HR leaders have to realize the value analytics can provide. But how can you move forward with analytics if you don’t know where to start? The Ceridian Team provides the following 5 ways to drive your company forward by using HR analytics:

  1. Have HR Report To Finance
  2. Set Targets, and Follow Up
  3. Invest In “Quant”
  4. Make Data Visually Appealing
  5. Consider Analytics Consulting Services

How Big Data Can Drive Employee Engagement (CIO)

“Using big data for performance evaluation allows companies to look at real-time data, rather than just annual reviews. This way, it’s easier to get an idea of the larger picture of how happy and engaged employees are across the organization,” says Sarah K. White, Senior Writer for CIO. Sarah goes on to explain how the use of big Data can help with employee turnover and customer feedback. Learn more in Sarah’s post on the

In HR Analytics, Marketing’s Your New Friend (iNostix)

Luk Smeyers, Co-Founder and CEO of iNostix, says that while HR should collaborate with Finance when it comes to reporting and costs, working with marketing is the best bet for HR analytics. “The marketing department uses advanced analytics to predict consumer behavior as best they can, and the methodologies they use to do this can be readily adopted by HR. On top of that, marketing often has to work with much less reliable information about consumers than HR has about its employees, giving HR an enormous advantage over marketing.” Check out Luk’s post on the HR Tech World blog for a more in-depth look at how marketing can help your HR analytics strategy.

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