Four for Friday: Educating the Workforce on HR and Talent Analytics

Four for Friday: Educating the Workforce on HR and Talent Analytics

Mike Roberts

workforce analytics in hrEvery Friday, The DDR shines a light on the best data-centric articles and resources from across the internet, social media, and industry influencers.

This week, the Data-Driven Recruiter cleared the air on a few key issues talent acquisition professionals have with the topics of analytics and big data. We broke down not just the definition of big data in recruiting, but also a few potential use cases for employers modernizing their HR efforts. This week’s Four for Friday continues on that educational path, sharing a number of articles from the industry’s top thought leaders, journalists, and practitioners.

1. HR’s Role in the Digital Workplace: It’s Time for Reinvention (TLNT)

Last week, Josh Bersin discussed the ever-popular issue of the workplace’s digital transformation and what this means for human resources professionals. He said, “We have to recognize that almost every part of management, capability building, recruiting, and communication has been radically changed by technology.” And then goes into what companies should be doing to ensure the transformation isn’t only seamless, but enables more efficient and informed decision-makers in HR.

2. The Top 10 Reasons Why You Need To Shift To A Data-driven HR Model (ATC Hub)

Dr. John Sullivan followed up on his first post, HR Is Shifting To A Data-Driven, High Business Impact Approach, So Don’t Be Left Behind, with a discussion on what’s at stake for companies continuing to overlook the power of analytics. He shared a number of great examples to prove his point, but probably none better than, “HR Currently Ranks At The Bottom in Analytics And Data-driven Decision-Making.” In comparison to other business functions, HR professionals are seriously lagging behind in analytics adoption, and this is starting to emerge as a threat to long-term business performance.

3. How Analytics Can Empower Your HR Strategy (Great Place to Work)

Despite the forward-looking talk about the power of recruiting analytics, predictive data modeling, and big data, there’s still a lot of questions that need to be answered for the majority of professionals just getting into the idea of using data to make better decisions. Elissa Tucker highlighted a number of these questions on Great Place to Work, diving into the basics like “How do you define predictive analytics?” and “Why is it important for today’s HR functions to leverage analytics?”

4. Teaching Machines to Think About HR (HR Executive Online)

Peter Cappelli went into an alternative point of view on the topics of workforce analytics and big data. He said, “Big data and its “machine-learning” component still only give us facts about, and factual relationships within, our workforces; not conclusions based on the statistical analyses HR has always needed—and always will—to make meaningful predictions.” His article provides a good perspective on the types of things modern employers are thinking about and how advanced technologies can be applied to human resource functions.

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