Four For Friday: Data Strategies to Improve Human Resources

Four For Friday: Data Strategies to Improve Human Resources

Michael Altiero

Every part of your organization shares a common goal of wanting to move forward. Some areas thrive at doing so, while others, including HR, seem to be stuck too often in the past. So what can HR do to move the dial?

As many experts say, the answer is to become data-driven. However, for most HR teams, this is easier said than done. While the thought of data strategies and analytics seem daunting to many HR leaders, using them is the key to continuous improvement. Using data strategies to improve HR is the theme of this week’s Four For Friday.

How To Use HR data For Better Recruiting (Visa Now)

Recruiting and hiring international talent can be a big challenge for HR, but the use of data can help with this problem. Jennifer McClure, President of Unbridled Talent, provides four tips to help talent acquisition leaders with data and international recruiting:

  1. Benchmark your strategy against your peers
  2. Use data to drive your recruiting plan
  3. Ask for help from an expert
  4. Fact-check your own sourcing and recruiting strategy

Learn more about each tip in this post on the Visa Now blog.

4 Ways To Conquer HR’s Fear Of The Living Data (Barry Flack)

“As we look forward to the ‘what could come to pass’ opportunity in HR data analytics – all whizzing technology, new skillsets and inquisitive mindsets, for many we stand paralyzed by years of the picture above cementing the HR department’s place in the modern organization,” says Barry Flack. Barry goes on to provide his opinions as to why HR is afraid of data, and explores ways to overcome this fear.

People Analytics Is Key, But HR Is Struggling To Get Started (Recruitment International)

“Big data and people analytics (also known as HR analytics and predictive analytics) are important topics that are relatively new to many working in talent management,” says Rebecca Wilson. According to a Cubiks survey, only a third of organizations currently use people analytics. Check out this post on the Recruitment International blog to learn about more statistics from the Cubiks survey about the use of people analytics.

Is HR Optimizing The Use Of Analytics? (PageUp Talent Lab)

Peter Forbes, Managing Director of NAVIGO, explains that while the amount of data available to HR is large, the main problem leaders face is creating meaningful insights from this data. In this video, Peter explores this topic a bit more, and how leaders can start fully optimizing data analytics.

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