Four for Friday: Analytics in Recruiting and the Fall of Subjectivity

Four for Friday: Analytics in Recruiting and the Fall of Subjectivity

Mike Roberts

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Based on the nature of the business, recruiting decisions have almost by default been left to subjectivity and gut feelings. And that’s fine, because lots of good hiring decisions have been made over the years. But since that approach is not exactly a science, it often results in wasted time and money. Fortunately, advancements in recruiting analytics technology are helping companies reduce the risk of a bad hire and use their resources more effectively. In this week’s Four for Friday, we inspect the topic of analytics in recruiting more in depth.

1. BI Invades HR: How Analytics are Transforming the Hiring Process (Data Science Central)

Charlotte Ritter discussed an important issue in the talent acquisition world—the impact of data analytics and business intelligence tools on the flow of the hiring process. She said, “Seasoned HR professionals have always been expected to make some instinctual decisions when it comes to hiring and managing employees. However, with the rise of Business Intelligence (BI) software, such practices may be at an end.” Her article shares some of the common themes we’ve been discussing on the Data-Driven Recruiter blog.

2. 4 Keys to Building a Data-Driven Company (Inc.)

Getting start with data and analytics is a challenge many companies face, but it’s crucial to have a strategy in mind when doing so. John Brandon shared a few key points about building a data-driven company on Inc. this week. He said, “For companies, the goal is to distill insights, if not wisdom, from the data.” According to Brandon, you should be focusing on measuring what counts, meeting the customers’ expectations, maintaining culture during the transition toward data, and using data to guide decisions—not rule them.

3. 5 Reasons HR Struggles With Using Big Data (HireVue)

The lack of activity around big data in human resources and recruiting is not from a lack of interest. Rather, there are a variety of reasons we have yet to see more widespread adoption of solutions. HireVue’s Jacqueline Lee examined five major challenges standing between HR and big data. For reference, they’re listed below:

  • Bringing Together Data From Many Different Places
  • Lack of Data Analytics Skills Within HR
  • Insufficient IT Resources for Data Analysis
  • Worries About Privacy and Compliance
  • Taking the “Human” out of Human Resources

4. PwC finds many companies creating, improving people analytics (TechTarget)

Dan Ring from TechTarget gave a short analysis of PwC’s new report, Trends in People Analytics, sharing that “An overwhelming number of organizations believe it is vital to either start or upgrade HR analytics.” The challenge is many have created homegrown solutions or are using ad-hoc data analysis methods, but “25% plan to move their HR analytics technology to the cloud over the next one to three years.” This is encouraging and a number that’s expected to rise as more use cases become available.

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