Four For Friday: Analytics, Analytics, and More Analytics!

Four For Friday: Analytics, Analytics, and More Analytics!

Michael Altiero

HR-Analytics-DataEvery Friday, The DDR shines a light on the best data-centric articles and resources from across the internet, social media, and industry.

The rise of HR analytics and the benefits they can bring to organizations has been written about a lot over the last year. These benefits vary greatly, which showcase just how big an opportunity there is for companies that invest in and utilize analytics in their HR departments. Some of these various positive impacts and different ways to incorporate HR analytics are talked about in this week’s Four For Friday.

Seven Deadly Sins of HR Analytics Initiatives (HR Examiner)

The key to a successful talent analytics initiative starts with HR leaders. Having the right leader to sponsor and support the plan will help make sure the appropriate resources and people are on the task. Conversely, the wrong HR leader can have the opposite effect, and all but end the HR analytics plan before it ever has a chance to succeed. Mark Berry explains that there are 7 sins an HR leader must avoid if they want to truly support their organization’s HR analytics efforts:

  1. “Burger King” – Having It Your Way (and Changing “Your Way” at a Whim)
  2. “Teacher’s Pet” – Solving for Your Pet Issue
  3. “Penny Wise and…” – Refusing to Invest Strategically
  4. “Headcount Neutral” – Requiring Cuts in Other Areas to Fund Analytics
  5. “Other Duties as Assigned” – Making Analytics a Leader’s Part-time Role
  6. “Dummying Down” – Assigning Analytics to Report to a “Less Analytically Inclined” Leader
  7. “Know It All” – Believing You are the Person to “Sell” Analytics

Learn more about each “sin” in Mark’s article.

How Hiring Managers Can Use Data to Fight Resume Overwhelm (TechnologyAdvice)

Sujee Saparamadu, CEO at OrangeHRM, sat down with TechnologyAdvice to discuss a wide range of topics including recruiting, mobile, big data and more. Included in the article is the full interview, as well as a few highlights from the discussion. Here are a couple of questions that were talked about:

  • How does your HR software translate internationally? Do you see different trends in different parts of the world? Or is this mobile, data-driven trend a thing of the industry as a whole?
  • What are some challenges that you’re seeing right now in HR industry?
  • How important are mobile phones to the workplace?

China Gorman on Driving Innovation Using Talent Management and Analytics (IBM Smarter Workforce)

How important is employee feedback? How can you increase employee satisfaction? And what role does talent analytics play in solving these challenges? These questions and more were recently answered by China Gorman, Strategic Advisor to Board, Great Place to Work Institute. Not only does this article contain China’s interview, it also provides her opinions on the following HR topics:

  • The Role of Employee Feedback
  • Increasing Employee Satisfaction
  • Moving Forward With Talent Analytics

Learn more about each topic in China’s article on the IBM Smarter Workforce blog.

How Asking Predictive HR Analytics Questions Can Add Value! (iNostix)

In the latest post on the iNostix blog, Linda de Jong asks the following question: Why is it that HR is usually looking at HR Metrics instead of Predictive HR Analytics, where the latter is much more of interest for the management and has the potential to add much more value to the organization? Her answer is that it is just a matter of different perspectives. To get people and organizations thinking about their approach to HR analytics, Linda provides the following list of examples of Predictive HR Analytics questions:

  1. Productivity metrics turned into productivity predictive HR analytics
  2. Performance metrics turned into performance predictive HR analytics
  3. Engagement metrics turned into engagement predictive HR analytics

Learn more about each, including how they can add value to your analytics approach.

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