Experimenting With Your Candidate Experience… In 140 Characters Or Less

Experimenting With Your Candidate Experience… In 140 Characters Or Less

Michael Altiero

Talent acquisition in 2016 is a difficult task. With power shifting to the candidate, companies have had to adapt in order to attract and retain top talent. And, as you might imagine, many are lagging dangerously behind. So how can these companies start to step their game up?

By providing an exceptional candidate experience throughout the entire hiring process.

Many organizations are spending time and resources studying candidate experience, but the Talent Board is leading the charge. Which is why we were extremely excited to have Kevin Grossman, Vice President of the North American Program at The Talent Board, join our #RecruitWithData chat to discuss this important recruiting topic.

In case you missed out on the chat, below is a brief recap:

Why is Candidate Experience so important in 2016?

What is Net Promoter Score (NPS) and how does The Talent Board use it?

How important is setting expectations when it comes to Candidate Experience?

How can companies improve Candidate Experience in their own unique ways?

Thanks again to everyone who joined our latest #RecruitWithData chat. It was a great discussion on candidate experience and how you can improve yours moving forward. A special thank you to Kevin Grossman for joining us! Be on the lookout for information about August’s #RecruitWithData chat guest, topic, and date.

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