Experimenting Your Way To A Great Candidate Experience #RecruitWithData

Experimenting Your Way To A Great Candidate Experience #RecruitWithData

Michael Altiero

There has been a changing of the guard in the recruiting world over the last few years. Candidates now have the upper hand in the job search process. This shift in power has had widespread implications for organizations across all sectors. What can companies do to adapt to this new trend?

The answer is simple: Provide A Great Candidate Experience. And who knows more about the importance of candidate experience than Kevin Grossman, Vice President of the North American Program at the Talent Board? That is why we are extremely excited to have Kevin join our #RecruitWithData chat on Tuesday, July 19!

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The chat will start at 12:00P.M. EST. In a back and forth format, where everyone else with an internet connection is invited to join as well, we’ll be answering some of the following questions with Kevin:

  • What is Net Promoter Score (NPS) and how does The Talent Board use it?
  • Does giving job seekers the chance to provide feedback improve the Candidate Experience?
  • Gerry Crispin says that providing closure to candidates is important. Why is that the case?
  • What is recruiter accountability and how can it influence Candidate Experience?
  • How can companies improve Candidate Experience in their own unique ways?

You can also ask Kevin and our team your own questions on candidate experience and recruiting, so be sure to have some ready to go during the chat!

We hope to see you on Tuesday, July 19, at 12p.m. EST. To join just follow along with the #RecruitWithData hashtag. In the meantime, follow Kevin on Twitter.

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