Data and Open Reqs: A Match Made in Heaven

Data and Open Reqs: A Match Made in Heaven

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Did you know you can use data to fill 90% of open requisitions, no matter how aggressive the timeline is?

You know the story: You have a set number of positions to fill and a certain amount of time (usually not enough!) to fill them. Your hiring manager is constantly on top of you about hitting these targets. How can you ensure that you meet expectations and hit these aggressive goals? With data, of course.

The Target:
A recruiter we spoke to was charged with filling 10 positions within a six-week timeframe, seven of which were entry or junior level, the remaining 3 at mid management level.

What They Did:
The company analyzed 16 months of historical hiring data it had gathered on similar positions at those experience levels to determine how many candidates they needed in their pipeline to hit these targets.

What The Data Told Them:

  • To fill each of the entry/junior-level positions within six weeks, approximately 120 applicants were required per position
  • To fill the mid-level positions within six weeks, approximately 180 applicants for each was determined to be ideal

The Result

  • All 7 of the entry/junior-level positions were filled within one month
  • 2 of the 3 mid-level positions were filled within six weeks
  • The remaining mid-level position was filled in seven weeks.

The company filled all of the required positions, 90% of them under deadline. Not a bad a result, and just one simple example of how recruiters today are using data to properly prepare for and achieve their hiring goals.

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