Brand Experience, HR Analytics, & Recruiting…In 140 Characters Or Less

Brand Experience, HR Analytics, & Recruiting…In 140 Characters Or Less

Michael Altiero

Brand-Analytics-RecruitingOver a month ago, the Data Driven Recruiter conducted the first #RecruitWithData Twitter Chat. Will Thomson was our special guest and the chat went great. So great, in fact, that we decided to have a second #RecruitWithData chat!

Yesterday our friend Bryan Wempen, CEO and Founder of MobiScreenr, joined us as our guest and we discussed brand experience and its impact on talent acquisition. We were also joined by industry professionals and companies who helped make the chat another huge success!

We compiled a few of our favorite questions, answers and discussions from our 2nd #RecruitWithData chat below.

How does the #recruiting process impact brand perception?

How are employer brand and corporate brand related?

How can a company use HR analytics and data to help improve brand experience?

What are some metrics that can be used to determine the success of employer branding?

Data shows only 27% of companies have a formal employer branding program. Why do you think this percentage is so low?

What can be done to improve the overall brand experience for both candidates & employees?

Thanks again to Bryan Wempen for partnering with us for this chat. Remember to keep the conversation going on Twitter by using #RecruitWithData and be on the lookout for the next #RecruitWithData chat announcement (Yes, there will be another one!).

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