5 Recruiting Analytics Questions Answered…In 140 Characters or Less

5 Recruiting Analytics Questions Answered…In 140 Characters or Less

Michael Altiero

recruiting-data-twitterThe Data Driven Recruiter was launched back in February to spread awareness of how data and analytics are revolutionizing talent acquisition. We’ve written articles, interviewed HR influencers including Gerry Crispin and Bryan Wempen, and shared numerous articles from across the industry. What else could we do to get the word out?

This past Tuesday we found our answer: The first ever #RecruitWithData Twitter Chat. Our friend Will Thomson, President and Founder of Bulls Eye Recruiting, partnered with us for the event to answer some HR data and analytics questions (in 140 characters of course!).

Below are some of our favorite questions, answers, interactions and moments from our #RecruitWithData chat.

What does #BigData and Analytics in HR mean to you?

How has #BigData impacted Talent Acquisition?

Why are many organizations hesitant to move to a data-driven approach to recruiting?

What advice would you give to #recruiting orgs that are looking to become data-driven?

What are some mistakes that HR makes when it comes to #data and #analytics?

Thanks again to Will Thomson for joining us for the chat and be sure to follow Bulls Eye Recruiting on Twitter. We had a lot of fun. Remember you can always keep the conversation going by using #RecruitWithData. And stay tuned for our next chat!



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