5 Minutes with Recruiting Expert Ward Christman

5 Minutes with Recruiting Expert Ward Christman

Data Driven Recruiter

From time to time, the Data Driven Recruiter asks pressing questions to the recruitment industry’s leading voices. Up today? Ward Christman.

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1.What does “big data” mean to you (and should recruiters believe the hype)?

Ward: Business leaders get paid to make smart decisions and “big data” can help them do that if it’s curated in the right way and presented in a usable format. There is a lot of data being ignored or not used due to it not being organized properly–the advanced tools that are being built will have a huge impact on the business outcomes of companies who choose to use them.

2. What are some of the most common myths or misconceptions about analytics, recruiting, and HR that the pros need to know?

Ward: There used to be a popular expression back in the 1990s–“he who dies with the most resumes wins,” but now, thankfully, it’s shifting to the quality of that data vs. quantity.

3. What are some of the greatest opportunities or outcomes employers should focus on in terms of utilizing data or analytics? Any advice for getting started?

Ward: Analytics can be daunting if you don’t know where to start. I advise clients to always start with the business drivers their key executives are measuring and following. If HR can align their data analysis of recruiting activities with key business goals and show the impact recruiting can make on those goals, then getting funding support to acquire new tools to deliver on that mission should not be a problem. Think quality of hire based on 90-day benchmarks, time to productivity based on source of hire, and metrics that tie recruiting to business drivers of growth and profitability.

4. When you look at using analytics to improve recruiting, who’s getting it right? Any specific examples you can share (personal or otherwise) as an example of someone who personifies a “data driven recruiter?”

Ward: The future heroes in recruiting will be those who can go beyond typical recruiting metrics and tie their analysis to things like employee performance, retention, profitability, shareholder value and other key business metrics that matter.

5. In 140 characters or less, why are analytics important? Give us your best elevator pitch.

Ward: Analytics means to measure and use data to understand your world. If you don’t measure it you can’t improve it.

Who is Ward Christman?

Ward Christman’s career in HR technology began in 1992 when he launched one of the first online job boards. Since then he has held various sales and management roles while helping build HR Tech market leaders HRsmart, Lawson (now Infor), Bullhorn, Kenexa (now IBM), and now is the Founder, Chief Advisor, & Publisher for HR Tech Advisor.

Follow Ward on Twitter and check out his blog here.

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