5 Minutes With Constellation’s Holger Mueller

5 Minutes With Constellation’s Holger Mueller

Data Driven Recruiter

From time to time, the Data Driven Recruiter asks pressing questions to the recruitment industry’s leading voices. Up today? Holger Mueller.

holgerholgerHolger Mueller

1.What does “big data” mean to you (and should recruiters believe the hype?)

“Big Data is a fundamental breakthrough in computing – where for the first time enterprises can store all the information they want and can get hold of – without knowing how they will analyze it later. And all for a fraction of the cost of previous and existing systems. And intuitively we all know that more data should yield potentially better insights. So recruiters better come up to speed with it and also understand how well their recruiting system takes advantage of the new Big Data capabilities. Sales roles, like recruiting roles, have the most to gain from Big Data benefits.”

2. What are some of the most common myths or misconceptions about analytics recruiting and HR pros need to know?

“Beware the false analytics – if you can see it, it is likely not analytics. “Real” Analytics take action or recommend an action (and explain why) – check out the most common 6 mis-understandings here.”

3. What are some of the greatest opportunities or outcomes employers should focus on in terms of utilizing data or analytics? Any advice for getting started?

“Enterprises who want to build their recruiting systems need to familiarize themselves with Big Data and Analytics options and vendors to help them. Those looking for enterprise software should ask their vendor:

  • Can your system tell my recruiter who to call first in the morning?
  • Can your system show me which candidates are a better fit?
  • Can your system help the recruiter predict the number of interviews he needs to get for the day – and how?

4. When you look at using analytics to improve recruiting, who’s getting it right? Any specific examples you can share (personal or otherwise) as an example of someone who personifies a “data driven recruiter?”

“Innovative vendors and users are at the forefront of this. Being able to successfully combine past recruiting performance and a recruiting funnel are the key mechanics that are being piloted in many and used in some cases.”

5. In 140 characters or less, why are analytics important?

“#Analytics will take action or make a recommendation. As such they make a recruiters / business users life easier.”


Who is Holger Mueller?
Holger Mueller is vice president and principal analyst of cloud technologies at Constellation Research Group, providing strategy and counsel related to IaaS and PaaS, and occasionally big data, HR technology, and SaaS.

Follow Holger on Twitter (@holgermu) and learn more on Holger’s blog.

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