Candidate Portal

Candidate Portal

Post-apply nurturing with context and transparency


Candidate Portal grants candidates insight into a hiring process that can seem opaque to outsiders. By providing transparency into your hiring process, Candidate Portal reduces post-apply candidate abandonment that can result from extended periods of time without direct recruiter contact.

Additionally, Jibe has partnered with The Muse to provide nurturing information to candidates at each stage of the hiring funnel. This helps candidates prepare for each stage of the process, increasing the likelihood that they exit the hiring process with a positive experience.



Hiring Cycle Status Visibility

Candidate Portal allows users to glimpse at the status of their applications. From the moment they apply, applicants can view hiring status information pulled directly from your ATS, along with information about what each stage of the process entails and how long it generally takes to pass that stage. Candidate Portal maps your ATS status codes into standard, applicant-friendly messages and adds supporting requisition information for display in rich, interactive cards.

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Automated Nurturing with The Muse

The hiring cycle isn’t as simple as getting moved from one stage to another by a recruiter -- it often requires action by the candidate to move forward. Jibe has partnered with The Muse to provide coaching and context inside Candidate Portal. Candidate Portal provides an overview dashboard for highlighting stage-agnostic content specific to your organization. Throughout each stage of the hiring funnel, Candidate Portal displays content provided by The Muse specific to your organization.

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Your key metrics are around hires. In addition to sourcing hiring status information for Candidate Portal, Hiring Data Analytics tie your upstream funnel data, found in Jibe Search and Apply, with ATS hiring data, giving you complete insight into your talent acquisition cycle.

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