Why Mobile and Data Are Game Changers for Recruiting

Why Mobile and Data Are Game Changers for Recruiting

Mike Roberts

recruiting talks in nycAlthough talent acquisition has a long history in the business realm, the tasks of identifying, attracting, and engaging with talent have changed considerably in the past several years alone. These changes can be largely attributed to technological evolution and disruption on both the recruiting and job-seeking sides of the equation.

Mobile is a good example. It would be difficult to find a job-seeking adult in the U.S. who isn’t mobile-enabled. And between smartphones and tablets, most of these people are spending an increasing amount of time on devices—replacing traditional computing machines. So naturally, they’re taking their job searches to the palm of their hands.

Companies are realizing this, and have started investing in solutions that optimize the mobile experience. But mobile’s just one example. The same could be said for social media, and other areas of technological transformation in recent years. This is the topic Ivan Casanova, Jibe’s SVP of Marketing, discussed last month at Global #HRU in New York.

For those unable to attend, here’s a video of Ivan’s presentation. If you have any questions, feel free to tweet at him directly at @itsmeivan.

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