Recruit Forward: 5 Types of Mobile Candidates You’re (Probably) Missing Out On

Recruit Forward: 5 Types of Mobile Candidates You’re (Probably) Missing Out On

Ivan Casanova

Candidate expectations are moving faster than candidate experience. Although the number of smartphone users continues to rise sharply around the world, many employers are still offering the same outdated mobile recruiting experience job seekers have been complaining about for years.

There was a time when mobile recruiting was considered a nice-to-have, but that time has come and gone. As we move into 2017, a modern approach to mobile recruiting must have a place in your recruiting arsenal. Too many candidates are on the line to stick with the (sub-par) mobile recruiting status quo.

In this episode of Recruit Forward, we dig into five specific groups of mobile candidates you’re probably missing out on. Keep your own mobile recruiting strategy and candidate experience in mind as you watch this video.

The Candidates Your Mobile Recruiting Strategy Is Overlooking

Fixing your mobile recruiting strategy should be a top concern for 2017. This isn’t something to take lightly. Do your research (read the eBook at the bottom of this page), understand options for consumerizing the candidate experience you offer on smartphones and tablets, and take action.

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Companies that don’t offer a way for job seekers to apply on a mobile device are missing out on a huge opportunity to convert candidates. Read our eBook below for strategies on how to recruit and convert mobile job seekers. 

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