This Is How We Jibe

This Is How We Jibe

Mike Roberts

We feel we know about certain things here at Jibe — awesome recruiting technology, the mobile job seeker, and the importance of candidate experience, to name but a few. We also know ping pong.

In adherence to the International Code for ‘Start-up’ Culture, we have ping pong tables in both our NYC and DC offices, naturally. In fact, I believe the desire for more tables played a part in our move later this month to bigger office space… well, that, and massive growth. But mostly, more ping pong tables.

Earlier this month, we hosted a pretty sweet event here in NYC at ping pong mecca SPiN. We did this for a number of reasons, one being that we simply love to have a good time here at Jibe. But we also hosted the event to celebrate the kick-ass NYC software developer community, and were pleased to see so many devs of all stripes from across the city come out and join us. For more photos from the event, go here.

Think you’ve got game? Check out more about how we work here, and stay tuned for similar events from Jibe in the (very near) future.


p.s. Did we mention we also love cats here at Jibe? So this GIF? Best.

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